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"What's Your Fetish?" with La Tonia Renee is a forum created to provide insight on beauty and fashion trends, discover self awareness through life skills and relationships and discuss hot topics and current events. Our first guest speaker is Danielle Stradford, Ambassador and CEO of Purity w/Style. Danielle Stradford is the brand ambassador, CEO & founder of Purity W/Style, a lifestyle brand and blog. With the mission of representing purity in all things BOLD, SEXY & CHIC, Purity W/Style stays relevant in the worlds of fashion, beauty, music and social media. Purity W/ Style is always on trend, helping to reframe society's old fashioned views of Purity by boldly integrating them into today's culture w/ style! After struggling and even failing in the area of purity throughout high school and college, Danielle made the decision to pursue the lifestyle of Purity three years ago and has not looked back! Through this brand she desires to change the face of purity and encourage people to confidently live out this lifestyle all while loving life and enjoying the great benefits of this decision every step of the way.
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Q & A with La Tonia Renee... Tonight's Topic- Ray Rice & Michael Brown... What do you have to say? Please join the discussion at 718-664-9186

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Call In Discussion Number 718-664-9186 Blag Talk Chat Room Dr. Jo Farley is Founder of From Hurt to Healed Ministries, and Senior Pastor and Chief Apostle of the Christ Institution... more

Peace is not possible without forgiveness. Martin Luther King once said, ?Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude.? The freedom to be at peace in our own skins - that's what forgiveness allows. We relinquish... more

Robin Haynes of Understanding Finances. ..will be our guest on The Bodacious Woman Movement; Home of The Women's Round Table Our topic of discussion: "Teaching individuals and small businesses how to budget and manage their... more

Rearing Our Children in Today's Spiritually Polluted Envir There are no shortcuts to raising spiritual children in a secular world. The work begins before the moment of birth and continues throughout life — theirs and ours. There are... more

Can lifestyle changes really improve people's health? The evidence for the importance of healthy lifestyles is now overwhelming. Let's talk about it! Please join the conversation with Sister2Sistah and guest speaker Shameeka Hunt.... more