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Who am I?


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The show is about helping people understand who they are and the purpose and plan God has for their lives. To encourage and empower people.

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Todays broadcast is dedicated to the women who are battling breast cancer. to the friends and families of those who passed on to continue in their memory and those who have overcome storms or trails in their life. Psalms118:17"I shall not... more

As we are in the season of Autumn as Farmers gather up the crop that they have planted and tended to throughout the year we also take a look at the word of God in Matthew 9:37-38 when Jesus spoke to his disciples about praying to... more

As we approach the season of Autumn where the leaves fall from the trees, the weather becomes cool and crisp the plants change colors so do we change along with the season. At this time of year farmers gather the crops they have grown... more

As it was discussed in last weeks broadcast that friends can accuse you without knowing your circumstance. As we have read and talked about in the past chapters in the book of Job where Job went through his trying time and needed... more

As we have read in the past chapters of when Job's two friends Bildad the Shunite and Zopher the Naamathite had accused Job of sinning against God for his misfortunes coming upon him. At times, when we face problems and... more

As we had talked and concluded from the three part mini series "Who do you live for", we as a people may not or still don't know our purpose in life or reason for living. However, if we give our life to God through him and his word that... more

Today is the the conclusion to this mini three part series of Who do you live for, which is part of the "Worship in the midst of termoil series. We as a people need to to have an understanding of our purpose of living and who do you live for?... more

As we had discussed last week about who do you live for, today we continue on this topic as we discover through the word of God what our purpose for living is for. Job14:14" If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my... more

Many times people often tell their friends or associates their reason for living wither it's for their children, parents, spouse, someone their connected to, their careers, their pets or wordly pocessions. Others live their lives for their religious... more

Sometimes in life we come across people who we would think will never betray or hurt us. At times we tend to trust the wrong people, get involved with the wrong person and end up having regrets or truly hurt by family members. At times... more
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