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SISTAH POWER TALK RADIO is an on-line support-group that's uniquely designed to provide women with a steel-clad foundation for positive and powerful personal and professional growth. Each segment will be loaded with wisdom that's filled with precious jewels and gemstones of information, inspiration, confirmation, and revelations that will help to produce energizing internal reinforcement and fortification that lead to Xtraordinary Xternal outcomes! So, if you truly possess a deep desire to gain the depths of the spiritual enrichment that's required to both access and wisely use your God-given super-natural power...that comes with the gift of life, listen in as Deborah Cofer and a host of DYNAMIC AND "GOT IT GOING ON" WOMEN OF GOD from coast to coast and around the world like Alicia Middleton, Marilyn G. Diamond,LaTasha Tomay Douglas, Roshan Hampton, Althea Aikens, Cassandra Mack, Dawn Bruce and many others share Xtraordinary and empowering spiritual principles, strategies and practices that will not only feed your soul with the caliber of Grade A spiritual nourishment that's required to tantalize your senses, rejuvenate your spirit, but also tickle your funny bone!

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Spiritual growth means to become progressively stronger in your inner life and is important for a number of reasons. The first reason will always be because you have a deep need for it to be a happy, vibrant and flourishing human being. We grow every day in small, subtle ways, but spiritual growth is a choice based upon needs. When you see spiritual growth as a need, you will attach value to the choices that motivate you to change and grow. The weight of value you assign to these choices, albeit arbitrary, is the depth of impression upon your subconscious to make manifest those changes in your life that you desire, resulting in spiritual growth. As we know, anything worthwhile seldom comes easy. Every day we are bombarded, everywhere we look, with messages that tell us to look outside of ourselves for our happiness. Countless people spend plenty of energy on acquiring money, obtaining influence and power, and chasing the trappings of success. Our dialogue will center on the importance of spiritual growth to our physical wellbeing.
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"Why is being a "WISE" servant of God's important?" One reason requires that we recognize, accept and fully embrace the recognition that serving God isn't about us receiving attention or glory. Nor is it about ministering to others through... more

The traits of human consciousness; or perhaps we can call them the endowments of human character, or simply character or personality traits are both clear and precise for all those who have achieved the level of conscious-awareness that is... more

What happens when you've done your best but your best just doesn't appear to be good enough? Some people and even you won't accept that you are giving it your best because you don't do things Xactly like others. It's really aggravating... more

There is something we are told or led to believe, as children and teens, that most of us hang on to with hope as we pack ourselves off to the real world. It is that bullies – specifically ?mean girls? — are part of those years alone,... more

Join Cassandra Mack, M.S., Founder of Strategies For Empowered Living and the Creator of the "Grab a Girlfriend and Go" movement and the women of SISTAH CHAT as we delve into the dynamics of dealing with Cattie Women. According... more

Being a single mother is never easy. Raising a family alone requires that you perform the roles of two people, the father and the mother. You will not have the luxury of sharing many of the jobs that two parents have, but nevertheless, you... more

It's so easy to blame the outside world for what is happening to us rather than taking personal responsibility for our part in what's unfolding or what is. We break our leg and it's the rough terrain's fault. We lose our keys and someone moved... more

Have you ever found yourself worrying that you and your spouse were growing apart? Believe it or not, almost everyone has this thought/fear/concern at some point in their marriage. Maybe you feel like you aren't talking enough or maybe it... more

There is perhaps nothing more powerful than a humble heart. Humility, the most misunderstood of all virtues, is the ability to accept and acknowledge God's opinion and perspective in our lives. This is where the power lies. The moment... more

If you're not engaged, or even close to it, please don't move on to your next bookmark or feed! So much to say almost all of the sisterly advice we are brimming with can be of use well before your intended ever shows his face, if... more
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