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SISFI is a non-profit organization that provides education, awareness, training, support, development and research on the social, societal, psychological/emotional, human, sociological and technological intelligence, impacts and effects of life, abuse, bullying (on and offline), domestic violence, suicide awareness and prevention, technology and IT security across all levels of our infrastructure (people, processes, policies, laws and technology). We host workshops, presentations, training and personal/professional development workshops all over the country to schools, businesses, parents, youths, communities, educators, elected officials, administrators and C-Suite executives to help in addressing these issues and providing effective working solutions.

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Joins Mr. Brett A. Scudder for his presentation on Changing the approach to Suicide Awareness with Preventive Humane Support and Services. About the Tour. SISFI is hosting our Suicide Awareness and Prevention NY Tour on Sept. 17th - Oct 3rd across NYC, Long Island and Westchester to bring more awareness, services, programs and resources to address the increasing numbers of people facing serious life and emotional challenges, and human suffering with suicide ideations/thoughts, and supporting families who lost loved ones to suicide. The theme of the tour is ?Look into my heart and mind, tell me what you see?. It highlights the realities of not knowing what's in a person's mind or on their heart by what we see on the outside, and that we must engage in dialog and allow an open and comfortable atmosphere for people to open up and express themselves. The workshops and radio shows of the tour are scheduled at different times every day across the 3 cities. We have aligned 15 community workshops, 3 luncheons and 15 radio shows to bring people, mental health professionals, energy therapists, health professionals, survivors and healers together to address this very serious and important topic affecting many people in our communities. While the community workshops are local in the 3 cities, the radio shows will have guests from across the country who lost loved ones, and practitioners who specializes in the support, treatment, recovery and healing of mental health, life coaching, emotional wellness and human suffering. For full schedule of the tour check the website Like the tour page on Facebook and Follow the tour on Twitter For any questions please contact us at SISFI via (347) 817-8686 or Thank you and God bless. #OneLove ~SISFI~
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SISFI is hosting a Suicide Awareness/Prevention NY Tour on Sept. 17th - Oct 3rd across NYC, Long Island and Westchester to bring more awareness, services, programs and resources to address the increasing numbers of people facing... more

Join Mr. Brett A. Scudder for his presentation "Open your heart and mind, show me your emotional", at 1pm EST. He will be talking about living in a hard, challlenging and struggling society where human suffering and emotional distress... more

Mr. Scudder interviews Ms. Nieves to talk about her work at Healthy Kids NY. At Healthy Kids NY, our goal is to assist parents when making crucial decisions about their children's healthcare providers. Healthy Kids NY is a online referral... more

Join Mr. Brett A. Scudder for his interview of Ms. Celeste Duckworth to talk about her life, work and book, The Lucy Project. About Ms. Duckworth Celeste S. Duckworth a dreamer and a single mother of three; went back to College to take... more

Join Mr. Brett A. Scudder for a special featured interview of Ms. Cecilia Dowd and Mr. Keith Orpheus to talk about a special Humanitarian effort they are doing in Haiti with a family of 100 children. The project is called, The Foyer: A Story of... more

Join host Mr. Brett A. Scudder on his weekly "What is Mental Health" show that features and focuses on educating the society and making aware of, on and about Mental Health, what is it, how to identify it and how to maintain and support its... more

Join Mr. Brettt A. Scudder for his weekly show on The Human Condition that addresses the quality, safety and security and well-being of life for everyone. Whatever is on your mind that affects your health and wellbeing please feel free... more

SISFI in association with the NY Human Suffering and Wellness Coalition "NYHSWC" presents, A Special Update on the NY Healthy Workplace Bill from Mr. Everly Brown, on SISFI Radio, Friday Aug. 8th, 2pm EST. Listen LIVE via... more

Join us for the official launch of the 2014 National Non-Profits and Advocates Apprecilove Day and Week Tribute celebrations hosted by SISFI. Mr. Brett A. Scudder, President and Chairman of SISFI, the NY Human Suffering and... more
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