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SISFI is a non-profit organization that provides education, awareness, training, support, development and research on the social, societal, psychological/emotional, human, sociological and technological intelligence, impacts and effects of life, abuse, bullying (on and offline), domestic violence, suicide awareness and prevention, technology and IT security across all levels of our infrastructure (people, processes, policies, laws and technology). We host workshops, presentations, training and personal/professional development workshops all over the country to schools, businesses, parents, youths, communities, educators, elected officials, administrators and C-Suite executives to help in addressing these issues and providing effective working solutions.

On-Demand Episodes

Join/listen Mr. Brett A. Scudder as he talks with people who have lost a loved one and finding it hard to deal with it. The show highlights the human conditions of depression people face from just trying to live with the loss they experience on... more

Join/listen Mr. Brett A. Scudder's special feature on the life and Lived Experiences of Suicide Attempt Survivors with guests as he highlights their human struggles, emotional distress, mental health crisis and possible mental illness. We often... more

Listen as Mr. Brett A. Scudder hosts a dialog with gun violence victims, survivors and advocated about Correlation between Mental Health and Gun Violence and the human impacts on victims, survivors and communities. His focus is to... more

Join Mr. Brett A. Scudder for his presentation on "Mental Health vs Mental Illness- differences, challenges and breaking the stigmas" as he address the topics to educate peopleon what they mean and how they differ. Please share and invite... more

Join Mr. Brett A. Scudder for a speaicl feature on the "Lived Experiences of Human Suffering" with people who struggle/struggled with depression, anxiety, mental illness and suicide ideations. Listen their stories and understand what it... more

Listen Mr. Brett A. Scudder's introduction of the Depressed Black Gay Men ?DBGM? org with Mr. Antoine Craigwell, president and CEO. Depressed Black Gay Men (DBGM) is dedicated to raising awareness, changing and saving... more

Listen Mr. Brett A. Scudder's show on "Life after a completed Suicide" as he talks with guests who have lost someone to suicide and sharing their stories. The purpose of the show to to highlight the life of those left behind after the suicide. It... more

Join Mr. Brett A. Scudder for an Introduction to Mental Health First Aid to learn about the training and values it brings to first aiders and communities in addressing mental health and mental illness. SISFI's team and Suicide... more

Listen Mr. Brett A. Scudder's introduction of SISFI's Suicide Behavioral First Aid Response Units ?SBFARU? to learn about the work, training and efforts SISFI is putting into communities to bring awareness to suicide and have trained people... more
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