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Sisters in Spirit (SIS) is a nurturing environment for women that: - inspires harmony in everyday living - shares resources that empower - Offers information and support that nourishes the soul; - balances our mental and physical well being; and - promotes inner peace and heightened spirituality. Our vision is world in which women live consciously, harmoniously, and spiritually to positively impact our lives and the lives of those with whom we come in contact. Join us as we live life with style, grace and of course much joy!

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What is your relationship with food? Do you simply love to eat and cast health to the wind in favor of eating whatever satisfies your palette? Are you more conscious of your eating habits and strive to eat to live, but don't really enjoy... more

Join SIS as we journey through the steps to financial literacy and empowerment. This webinar will cover Managing Credit and Debt with Arthur Crutcher of BB&T Bank.

You've had the lesson, now for the hands-on practice! This money management course has been made available to you free of charge with experts from the financial and academic world supporting YOUR financial awareness and growth.... more

Is your money working for you? Or are you just working for it? If you want to reach your New Year financial goals, personal financial planning and management is an essential part of life that can't be ignored. So why do so many of us... more

There's a direct correlation between the choices you make regarding education and career path to earning potential. Generally, education levels predict one's lifetime earning potential; and the more desirable jobs usually depend on skills... more

Do you want to do the right thing to grow your finances, yet just don't know how? Well, the first step is to ensure that you have an abundance consciousness mindset. Secondly, you have to know how to make informed financial decisions.... more

There's so much energy and excitement surrounding the upcoming "Power Up! Release Unwealthy Habits" Symposium that we're hosting a preview of the powerful, life changing knowledge that will be transferred to you during the... more

Do you wake up each morning dreading going to work, or at 7:00 PM on Sunday do you suddenly have a feeling of anxiety or depression? If so, it may be that the job that you are in is not for you! There is a perfect role out there for you, and... more

On Thursday, Sept. 13, SIS will kick off the Financial Literacy Education Program (FLEP), sponsored in part by a grant from the AAUW. This empowerment series targets young women who want to take control of their personal finances and... more

It's back to school time, a time when parents put forth great effort to ensure their children are materially prepared for the new school year. The purchase of clothing, shoes, backpacks, school supplies and technology tops the preparation... more