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Sisters in Spirit (SIS) is a nurturing environment for women that: - inspires harmony in everyday living - shares resources that empower - Offers information and support that nourishes the soul; - balances our mental and physical well being; and - promotes inner peace and heightened spirituality. Our vision is world in which women live consciously, harmoniously, and spiritually to positively impact our lives and the lives of those with whom we come in contact. Join us as we live life with style, grace and of course much joy!

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The healing journey is not a cumbersome burden or a chore, but a blessing. Embarking upon this path is the ultimate way to show that we love ourselves. This journey of love is our greatest adventure inward to discover and create a new... more

You went through a labor of love to get your book written and published, giving up weekends and outings with friends and families so that you could focus to give birth to your expression of life. Yet so far, your primary customers may... more

Join SIS and our discussion about homeschooling and resources with our special guest Queen Taese, who for over the past 25 years, Queen Taese has educated thousands of children, as well as initiated, designed, and developed critical... more

Miracles happen wherever we are. Yet we won't recognize them, unless we take the time to go within. Miracles lie dormant in the background scenery of our life because we are not tuned into the present moment. We are either running away... more

What's your emotional kryptonite? This is the person, place or secret (insert your own personal noun) that every time it shows up it causes you to struggle or simply pushes your buttons beyond reason. The feelings and emotions that come up... more

It's Mental Health Month. Here's the replay on how to optimize your mental health; because your thoughts create your life experience. So why not make them reflect what you really want? Join SIS host and mental coach Darlene Nazaire as we... more

It's spring, and it seems as though the weeds are proliferating faster than anything that we want to grow in our gardens. The same applies to the metaphorical weeds in our lives. Our guest author and speaker, Tanisha Cunningham,... more

The Spring Solstice is upon us, offering a portal into healing and regeneration. It's time for planting seeds for future ventures, and preparing to shine with the full force of the sun! There are so many ways to do this natuarlly in alignment with... more

"Ecstatic Birth is a call to put childbirth back on its sacred pedestal and women back into an empowered relationship with their bodies and their experience of birth." We at SIS couldn't have stated that any better to remind us of the beauty... more

What better way to start the New Year than honoring the power of intention. Whatever you intend for 2014 Dr. Wayne Dyer's book, ?The Power of Intention, Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way? will certainly speed you along... more