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Join us as we discuss how the police see civilians and the civilians see police and how that impacts attitudes and circumstances. Thursday October 30 at 6:30pm on SIRA Media Radio.
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Join us as we discuss the exploitation of African, how it was carved up by European Countries for resources, which consequently resulted in assassinations, massacres like Rwanda, starvations. We will also discuss how in spite of the... more

Join us as we discuss the G.O.A.T. Ladies Love Cool James going thru albums, style changes, analyzing the love songs from the hard core hip hop songs. We will also discuss his acting carrier and ther ise of the Arrogant MC which is now the... more

Join us as we discuss the perception of drug dealers in American and other countries, reason for drug dealing, and how it impacts the family and community October 9 at 6:30pm on SIRA Media Radio

Join our discussion how credit affects your everyday life, important decisions, insurance premiums, and eligibility for a job. We will discuss what a Fico score is and ideas to map out plans of how to repair your credit. We will discuss what... more

Join us as we discuss domestic abuse looking at both sides thru the eyes of the aggressor, victim and or the provoker as we open season 7 September 25, 2014 at 6:30pm on SIRA Media Radio.

Join us as we close Season 6 speaking on everything from the classic hip hop to president Obama. We will recap the highlights of the season and let you know what's coming up in September. Only on SIRA Media Radio Thursday June 26... more

She told you it was yours. You believed her. 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, or 18 years later you found out the child was not yours. What would you do? After custody battles and child support issues, what would you do? After loving this... more

Join us as we discuss what President has done in the past 5 years in office. We will compare campaigne promisses and reasons for some of his decisions. Thursday June 12, 29th on SIRA Media Radio

Join us for a candid look of the New Healthcare Law and what it means to those in the inner city. We will discuss the positives and negatives, and how it will affect your family both directly and indirectly, why you should join, or why you should... more

Join us for part II as we discussion hip hop from the perspective of a child growing up with influences and growing pains. Last week we discussed hip hop's grandparents and parents, her birth thru disco and funk in the 70s and fusion... more