Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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In this ongoing documentary, we examine the most current news headlines that prove all the NEGATIVE, ANTICHRIST-type History that Barack Hussein Obama has been and is still making, as the 44th President of the United States! Not... more

On this first premier of our new Saturday Special episodes called THE WEEK IN REVIEW and this is JULY WEEK #2 IN REVIEW, we talk about the major stories that hit the news wire in the 2nd week of July 2013. We start out in the... more

On this finale episode of June 2013 in Review, we pick back up with our study of the UNCANNY PHENOMENON OF "DOUBLE DISASTERS" in the Spring/June of 2013. We talk about the DOUBLE DISASTERS of (2) Industrial Plant Explosions... more

Here we go again with another loaded month of endtimes, prophetic events that were foretold in the Holy Bible! It is now taking over a full week of episodes to cover each month in review with so much stuff going on out there, every day! In... more

On this ongoing, series of episodes about the month of June 2013 in Review, we explore the news headlines about new discoveries of BIGFOOT and MERMAIDS, with claims that a Sasquatch was shot and killed in Pennsylvania. We reveal... more

On this episode of Understanding the Final Endtimes, we examine the ongoing BIG BROTHER ORWELLIAN WATCHERS file that was simply overloaded in the month of June 2013! We examine the various IRS and NSA scandals and how... more

Its that time of the month again folks! Its time to do the month in review! As ususal, the monthly reviews take a summarized look back at most of the major news headlines that linked up with endtimes Bible Prophecies! Some this news... more

Due to time constraints, we will not be able to air the JUNE IN REVIEW EPISODE, until Monday morning. Therefore, on this episode, we continue with the ongoing series of 1999 Sermons about the RIGHTHAND OF GOD. This was... more

In mainstream Christianity there is some confusion about the biblical subject called the RIGHTHAND OF GOD and on this episode, we study another, golden, blast from the past that tackles this subject! So, if you have ever wondered... more

On this episode of "Understanding the Final Endtimes", we talk about some of the "rising new diseases" such as a New Deer Tick Disease; a new BAT Virus; a Mind-control Parasite; weird new Food Allergies; an alarming New Bird Flu... more
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