Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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On this weekending episode, we talk about some of major headlines that were in the news during WEEK # 2 of September. This of course the 12th anniversary of the 9/11/01 Attacks against America's WTC, PENTAGON, and... more

On this special episode, we bring a BLAST FROM THE PAST about the subject of being FILLED WITH and FULL of the Holy Ghost! This was a (3) Part series that teaches about (10) Signs that the Born Again Christian has been... more

This is our new ongoing serious of episodes that might prove to be the most historic shows we will ever do! As the current Syrian Civil War Crisis and Obama's Determination to drag American and some of its allies into what might turn out... more

On this week-ending summary of our weekly review, we talk about the HUMACHINE developments with ROBOTS, DRONE AIRCRAFT and AUTOMOBILES. We also talk about IBM effort to replicate the HUMAN BRAIN... more

On this September episode of Understanding the Final Endtimes, we reflect back on this time last year when a 30 nation Armada led by Brittian and America went to the Gulf of Hormuz in southern Iran. This massive Naval War Game... more

On this ongoing series of our weekly news updates, we pick it back up with WEATHER-RELATED DISASTERS OF GLOBAL WARMING, GLOBAL COOLING, or BOTH?; then we take a quick peak at the file called AS THE... more

On this episode, we talk about the final week of Dog Days and how that this has been one "sizzling Summer" of Bible Prophecy, as we head into September. With such topics as ROBOTIC DRONES in this AGE OF HUMACHINES; BACK TO... more

On this episode of UNDERSTANDING THE FINAL ENDTIMES, we take a very serious look again at the ongoing file of OBAMA THE HISTORY MAKER (Part 5b), as for all intense and purposes, He is set to make his most... more

Obama: The History Maker (Part 5A) episode was aired on Monday and experienced TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES by skype at about 69 minutes into the Show. We are going to try again to air this episode today at 11:30 am to... more

In this ongoing series of episodes, we continue to update our listeners on the many NEGATIVE, ANTICHRIST ACTIONS of our 44th President BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. This show has 17 storyline files of which we only looked at... more
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