Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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ENCORE EPISODE: June Week #3 Review (Part 2: Best of the Rest!)

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On this special encore, enhanced & edited edition of June Week #3 in Review, we talk about various Topics of Prophetic Concern, such as NEW DISEASES & PESTILENCES of Chikungunya Mosquito Virus; Waterborne Bacteria in Swimming Area; Anthrax Exposure at CDC Lab; African EBOLA is "OUT OF CONTROL"; etc. We also discuss the latest updates on the HOSEA 4 PROPHECY OF MASS WILDLIFE DIE-OFFS WORLDWIDE! Then we chat about the latest versions of FRANKEN FOODS with SUPER BANANAS, BANNED APPLES, and REGROWING MISSING HUMAN LIMBS like Salamanders can do! Then we explore the latest updates on HUMACHINE NEWS, such as BRAIN IMPLANTS  by DARPA that will provide FALSE MEMORIES, or erase your current memories and replace them with NEW FALSE ONES! Could this be the MARK OF THE BEAST IMPLANTED INTO THE FOREHEAD? We also talk about KILLER ROBOT CONCERNS from several sources comparing this trend to the TERMINATOR SCI-FI SERIES! Amazing how that TODAYS SCIENCE FICTIONS are quickly becoming TOMORROWS SCIENCE FACTS! More news on NEW SMALLER SIZE KILLER DRONES! Japans desire for a ROBOT OLYMPIC COMPETION in their 2020 Games! Also the latest SODOMS SEQUEL updates! Also updates on ABORTION AGENDAS, SATANISM, CHRISTIAN PERSECUTIONS, and the goal to IMPEACH OBAMA is under way! All this and more on todays ENCORE EDITION... So stay informed! Get in the know!.. and Enjoy the Show!...   

Hosea 4 Prophecy
Mass Wildlife Die-Offs
Franken Foods
Frankenstein Feats
Limb Regeneration
DARPA Brain Implants
Forehead Mark of the Beast
Terminator Robots
Killer Robots
Robot Revolution
Science Fiction Science Fact
Sodoms Sequel
Lots Days
Noahs Days
Christian Persecutions
Obama Impeachment