MARCH 2014 Week #1 in Review..(THE MAJOR HEADLINES)

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Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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Here we are agains Folks! Running a little late with some issues of delay this weekend that I had to attend to. But we do have all the MAJOR HEADLINES for (16) Different TOPICS OF INTEREST proving the ENDTIME SIGNS are happening all around us! Tonite we talk about the LATEST UPDATES on the MAGOG & MIDDLE EAST NEWS with Russia in the Ukraine along with updates on ISRAEL, TURKEY, LIBYA, etc. Then we talk about the latest news on the KINGS OF THE EAST with China, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, China & Russia, etc. Then we talk about the HOSEA 4 MASSIVE WILDLIFE DIE-OFFS worldwide! Also the New Diseases & Rising Pestilences updates. More news about even more FRANKEN FOODS and strange FRANKENSTEIN FACILITIES/FEATS. More on the LGBTQ movement of like the DAYS OF LOT IN SODOM and other sexual perversion. More news updates on THINGS BEING LIKE THE DAYS OF NOAH. More news on the GLOBAL COOLING OF THE LITTLE ICE AGE and several COLD WEATHER RECORDS set in 2014! More COSMIC SIGNS in the FALLING STARS/ASTEROIDS, and a COLLAPSING MILKY WAY GALAXY that could be a MIRROW IMAGE of what the Bible says will happen to ours! More potential alarms of GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS coming from Russia to America! More OBAMA LIKE LINCOLN news updates! Age of HUMACHINES with new DARPA CYBORG and ROBOT PROJECTS coming soon! More BIG BROTHER TECH updates! More warnings of CHRISTIAN PERSECUTIONS, this time in North Korea! More ABORTION news updates! All this and more Major Headlines on this weekending summarized episode! DONT MISS IT! STAY IN THE KNOW! STAY INFORMED!... Call in at last 15 minutes, OK...