Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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November 2013 Week #3 in Review... (Part 2)

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On this weekending weekly episode, we take a look at more BIG BROTHERISM with more concerns about GOOGLE GLASSES USED FOR SPYING ON PEOPLE; BIG BUSINESS OF SELLING BIG BROTHER SUREVEILLANCE SYSTEMS worldwide; Protests over New Oakland SURVEILLANCE CENTER ; etc. Then we chat about more FRANKEN FOOD WITCHES BREWS such as GMO Corn sold to African Countries; New Cheeses made from HUMAN ARM PIT & FOOT BACTERIA; New Teen Diets of EATING FLAVORED COTTON BALLS; Many COMMON CHEMICALS that are KILLING OFF HUMANITY; and the FRANKEN FACILITIES trying to MAKE INVISIBLE CLOAKING; IMPLANTING EYES with Platinum Jewelry; 3-D BIOPRINTED HUMAN HEART in next decade; the CLONING of an EXTINCT GOAT; and more! Then we get the latest updates on the FUKUSHIMA APOCALYPSE IN PROGRESS, as they are now removing the DEADLY NUCLEAR FUEL RODS. Then we discuss the many NEW PESTILENCES and RISING DISEASES in the news, since last week. Along with the weekly updates on the HOSEA 4:1-3 + Zephaniah 1:1-3 MASS WILDLIFE DEATHS worldwide! We also talk about even more SIGNS IN THE SUN, MOON, and STARS, during this 3rd week of November! Not too mention more news about GLOBAL WARM~GLOBAL COOLING! More MIDDLE EAST TURMOIL in the making! More indicators of the COMING ECONOMIC COLLAPSE when Silver & Gold will be worthless! More CHRISTIAN PERSECUTIONS ON THE RISE in America and worldwide! New updates on the LASER FIRE that will soon be COMING DOWN FROM THE HEAVENLY SKIES above! ABORTION CLINIC locates next to an ADOPTION CENTER to compete for your business! Also, 7 Volcanoes in 6 different countries ALL START ERUPTING AT ABOUT THE SAME TIME! Let's talk about these on todays episode of WEEK #3 NOVEMBER 2013 in Review...STAY INFORMED! GET IN THE KNOW!.. with your Host, Steve Siler, the Singing Bible Scribe..

Big Brother
Surveillance Society
Spy Systems
Franken Foods
Nuclear Disaster
Mass Wildlife Deaths of Hosea 4
Cosmic Signs
Global Warming
Global Cooling
Middle East Tensions
Decline of the Dollar
Christian Persecutions
Drone Laser Weapons
Abortions or Adoptions?
Volcano Eruptions