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OCTOBER 2013 WEEK #3 IN REVIEW...(Part 1)(Obamacare)

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On this special weekending issue of Understanding the Final Endtimes, we take another in-depth look at OBAMACARE's SATANIC CONNECTIONS exposed by the world famous, Sumerian Code. Last weekend, we talked about a few of them, but on this special edition, we dig even deeper, to expose the DEVILISH TRUTH ABOUT OBAMACARE that they'd rather you did'nt know about! We also discuss more News Headlines from the file of  THE HUMACHINE AGE OF CYBORGS, ROBOTS, DRONES, and the MAKING OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST! Such as RFID MICROCHIP IMPLANTS in Breast Implants courtesy of Obamacare, etc! Then we talk about the latest stories from the BIG BROTHER/ORWELLIAN WATCHERS file, such as the new SPOTSHOOTER system in South Florida; FEDS using Twitter for DEPRESSION EMOTION SURVEILLANCE; NSA's involvement with DRONE TARGETING & KILLING PROGRAM; and so on! Then we talk about the latest news on FRANKENSTEIN FACILITIES allowing people to SELL BODY PARTS for extra Income, during Hard Times of Bad Obamanomics! From there, we talk about more FUKUSHIMA FAILURES/WORMWOOD WATERS/ POISIONING PACIFIC ocean updates. We also talk about the AMOS 7:17 Prophecy fulfillment annouced by the W.H.O about AIR POLLUTION & CANCER DEATHS!...More FLASH FLOODING incidents being LIKE DAYS OF NOAH WERE with Cyclone Phailin, Typhoon Wapha and Nari, as well as, DEVASTATING FLASH FLOODS in already-bankrupt Acapulco! All this and more, on todays episode of Understanding the Final Endtimes, with your Radio Host, Steve Siler - The Singing Bible Scribe...GET IN THE KNOW! STAY INFORMED!... STAY TUNED FOLKS!.. DONT MISS THIS ONE!...
Affordable Care Act
RFID Microchip Implants
Big Brother Surveillance State
Fukushima Failures