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How Serious is Syrian Crisis? Armageddon Serious? (Part 2)

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This is our new ongoing serious of episodes that might prove to be the most historic shows we will ever do! As the current Syrian Civil War Crisis and Obama's Determination to drag American and some of its allies into what might turn out to become the BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON? On Part 1, we talked about SIDE ONE OF THIS UPCOMING CONFLICT: AMERICA AND HER ALLIES (AL-QAEDA REBELS, etc.) and many major news headlines that set the stage for what is about to go down. Then on this episode of PART 2, we talk about SIDE TWO OF THIS UPCOMING CONFLICT: SYRIA AND HER ALLIES (RUSSIA, IRAN, HEZBOLLAH, and eventually CHINA, NORTH KOREA and other KINGS OF THE EAST that will get involved in the WORLD WAR 3 CONFLICT. Considering the stories given on BOTH SIDES of the WW3 Conflict, we might be witnessing the early stages of the Bibles BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON that will be fought in the Valley of Megiddo, just 146 miles, or 3 hrs from Damascus, Syria. Thats just how close that Armageddon might be about to come to pass! That means the RETURN OF CHRIST is very near! EVERY CHRISTIAN NEEDS TO READ REVELATIONS 16:14-16. Is the promise of REV.16:15 just around the corner? Have we lived to the time of the RESURRECTION & RAPTURE OF THE SAINTS? ARE YOU READY TO MEET YOUR MAKER? IF NOT, YOU MAY NOT HAVE MUCH MORE TIME.. ITS STILL NOT TOO LATE TO OBEY ACTS 2:38... Remember WTC 9:11 and Dont forget ACTS 2:38.. Dont forget to Be Water Baptised in the same SAVING NAME that you called upon in your SINNERS PRAYER! There's still time to get it done!.. GET-R-DONE!
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