Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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Obama: The History Maker...(Part 5b)

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On this episode of UNDERSTANDING THE FINAL ENDTIMES, we take a very serious look again at the ongoing file of OBAMA THE HISTORY MAKER (Part 5b), as for all intense and purposes, He is set to make his most historical moment yet, as our nations FIRST-EVER, AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSLIM president... By becoming the World Leader who leads the nations of the world into the GREAT BATTLE OF ARMAGGEDON, aka, WORLD WAR 3.. As both RUSSIA & CHINA have vowed to defend and protect the SYRIAN GOVERNMENT OF ASSAD, along with all the prophetic allies on each side of the conflict, such as PERSIA(IRAN), NORTH KOREA/CHINA(Kings of the East) and the REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRES of both AMERICA and the EUROPEAN UNION supporting the Syrian Rebels lead by Al-Qaeda forces! This has all the PROPHETIC INGREDIENTS for the GREAT BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, aka, WORLD WAR 3, the long-dreaded, THERMONUCLEAR GLOBAL WAR that will exterminate over 1/3rd of the worlds population in the FIRE, SMOKE and BRIMSTONE of ATOMIC BOMB EXPLOSIONS! Everything that the Biblical Prophets have warned us about for 1000's of years, could very soon come to pass! Yet amoung all the potential of DOOMSDAY looming all around us, REVELATIONS 16:15, is the Blessed Promise of the BLESSED HOPE and SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST to bring an end to all this insanity! Could His RETURN be that close?...He promised when you see these things begin to come to pass, LOOK UP, FOR YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NEAR!!... Is it that close Folks?.. I guess we shall soon see... Lets talk about all this on todays episode of OBAMA THE HISTORY MAKER (Part 5b)..

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