JULY 2013 in Review...(PART #1)...

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Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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Well its that time of the month again to DO THE MONTH IN REVIEW!.. As always, this was a JAM-PACKED MONTH OF BIBLICAL-RELATED NEWS HEADLINES in the month of July! It came in like June went out....HOT, VERY HOT! RECORD-SETTING SUMMER HEAT WAVES nationwide! Then it cooled off with JULY RAINS and FLASH FLOODS in various places, to remind us that we are living in the Last Days that are LIKE THE DAYS OF NOAH with "RISING WATERS WORLDWIDE". Along with record-setting HEAT WAVES and FLASHFLOODS in various places, there was an uptick in GLOBAL EARTHQUAKES and still more NEW PLAGUES & DISEASES/VIRUSES/BACTERIAS on the rise. All the while, some of the BIG NEWS was BIG BROTHER scandals of IRS, NSA, and others establishing the ORWELLIAN WATCHERS SOCIETY of BIG BROTHER/BIG GOVERNMENT is WATCHING US ALL. Then we had even more DIGITAL COMPUTER AGE surprises from our ongoing file of HUMACHINES: AGE OF CYBORGS & ROBOTS. There was also more updates on WORMWOOD WATERS: POISONED OCEANS ongoing file of the Fukishima Nuclear Disaster of 2011. This might explain some of the updates in our FRANKENSTEIN FOODS MAKING MUTANTS file, as well as, FRANKENSTEIN FACTORIES MAKING MONSTERS file? Just as we were warned in the Genesis story of the BABEL EMPIRE that God said, "THIS THEY BEGIN TO DO, NOW NOTHING WILL BE RESTRAINED FROM THEM, WHICH THEY HAVE IMAGINED TO DO...(Gen.11:6) We see Humanity DOING WHATEVER THEY IMAGINE TO DO in these Last days, including PLAYING THE ROLE OF GOD. All this and more on this JULY 2013 in Review w/ your Host, Steve Sile