April 15th FOUNDERS DAY Fireworks, or Financial Aid?

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Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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North Korean has now got the world on edge with another round of NUCLEAR WAR THREATS if they dont get their way. They have played this chess game for decades now and the Korean Boy King that cries "WOLF" is trying to get more money to keep his Nuclear Program moving forward. He expects the major world powers of America, Russia, China, European Union and all their Allies to "cave-in" to his demands. WHAT A WAY TO RUN A COUNTRY! LEAVE IT TO THESES NK COMMUNISTS TO USE NUCLEAR TERRORISM THREATS TO FUND THEIR COUNTRY! .. Will the major Super Powers cave in yet another time? Will we see FOUNDERS DAY FIREWORKS or FOUNDERS DAY FINANCIAL AID? Will the their Rockets start launching on Founders Day, the North Korean version of 4th of July? Will the global townspeople once again cave-in and come to the financial aid of the NKorean Boy King that Cries "WOLF" or just "bluffing to get what he wants"?? When will the townspeople of the New World Order of the United Nations finally say NO, not this time? Have'nt we all got enough debt already? We dont need to give out just more ENDLESS FOREIGN AID to such Nuclear Terrorist Regimes! Enough is enough already! Is this our REDLINE that we keep warning about?... Let's talk about all this on todays episode of Understanding the Final Endtimes with your Host Steve Siler, the Singing Bible Scribe....20 minute call-in, after 12:30 pm EST....