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What is the Wormwood Falling Star?..Chernobyl?..

  • Broadcast in Religion
Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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With the recent METEORITE COLLISION in Russia causing over a 1000 injuries and substantial property damage, new concerns over DESTRUCTIVE FALLING STARS are back in the news. Not since the SHOEMAKER LEVY COMET that hit Jupiter and the release of various Hollywood Doomsday Movies like DEEP IMPACT, ARMAGEDDON, METEOR, etc, have given us an idea of what it might be like, if one of these ROGUE ROCKS hits the Earth! Perhaps the worst of these ROCKS is the one the Bible calls the BURNING, FALLING STAR CALLED WORMWOOD. Many Prophecy Teachers insisted that this WORMWOOD PROPHECY could have came to pass with the NUCLEAR REACTOR DISASTERS of Chernobyl (which means WORMWOOD in Russian Ukranian language). Perhaps the CHERNOBYL (WORMWOOD) disaster was simply "smoke before the real Bad Fire to come"?! Perhaps there is a "Radiaoactive Asteriod/Meterorite/Comet", aka, BURNING FALLING STAR that is yet to hit the Earths Oceans in the very near future? There are new cosmic threats of these PHA's (Potentially Hazardous Asteriods) being discovered now, more than any other time in human history. Perhaps WORMWOOD is one of these PHA's that is soon to bring its disasterous impact upon the Earth, very soon? Let's talk about this subject on todays episode of UNDERSTANDING THE FINAL ENDTIMES with Steve Siler, the Singing Bible Scribe..