Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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Power of MIRACL'S Making HELLfire come down from the Heavens

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One of the most misunderstood prophecies of Revelations 13:13,14... is the mysterious POWER OF MIRACL'S to make HELLfire come down from the Heavens(Skies Above) upon the Earthly Ground below. For over 30 years of researching this prophecy, I have heard (2) possible schools of thought. One school says that this POWER OF MIRACLES to make FIRE COME DOWN from Heaven upon the Earth in the sight of men, is predicted to be a MERLIN-LIKE MAGICIAN, who can SUPERNATURALLY MAKE FIRE COME DOWN. While the other schools says, that this POWER OF MIRACL'S to MAKE HELLfire COME DOWN, is a man-made, natural FIRE.. The hottest MANUFACTURED FIRE KNOWN TO MANKIND.. The MIRACLE POWER of Lasers! On this episode we explore this controversial topic and explain why the 1st school of Thought has been debunked and why that the Mid Infra-Red Advanced Chemical Laser Energy Systems that use HELLfire weapons (High Energy Liquid Lasers) are the best explanation for the fulfillment of REV.13:13... We discuss how these HELLfire weapons will soon be installed on ROBOTIC UAV DRONES making the science fiction of TERMINATOR JUDGEMENT DAY to now become science fact! Are these futuristic movies conditioning us for what is about to come to pass upon this final generation? You decide! On todays episode of UNDER STANDING THE FINAL ENDTIMES with Steve Siler, your Singing Bible Scribe...
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