Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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For the upper Northeast coast, this has been a MAJOR RECORD-SETTING SEASON to be remembered in the Weather History Books! SEVERAL ALL TIME WINTER-RECORDS WERE BROKEN during the month of February 2015 and... more

Well Folks, spring has sprung, and we have finally finished up the Month of January in Review with this concluding episode about KINGS OF THE EAST updates; FUKUSHIMA FAILURES; and HOSEA 4 PROPHECY OF MASSIVE... more

On this final episode for the month of JANUARY 2015 IN REVIEW, we take a look back at what has lead up to the current crisis building in the Ukraine on the 1 year anniversary of PUTIN PLAYING RUSSIAN ROULETTE with a potential... more

Here we are again picking it back up at TOPIC #13 ROBOTICS updates with the major headline stories for the LAST HALF OF JANUARY 2015 IN REVIEW. We also chat about TOPIC #14: BIG BROTHER ORWELLIAN WATCHERS with... more

On this ongoing series of episodes covering WEEKS #3 -&- #4 OF JANUARY 2015, we pick it back up at TOPIC #12: FRANKEN FOODS & FRANKENSTEIN FEATS to bring the shocking updates there! Then we move onto to TOPIC #13:... more

On this part 3 episodeof the JANUARY 2015 WEEK #3 -&- #4 REVIEW, we take a comprehensive look at several NEWS STORIES OF SODOMS SEQUEL with 37 States now offering legal SAME SEX MARRIAGES. The SODOMIZATION OF... more

On this episode we pick it up at TOPIC #8: COSMIC SIGNS in the SUN, the MOON, and STARS, with several remarkable stories! Also we take a look at the TRENDS toward a COMING GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, as well as,... more

Now that we've got half of January 2015 covered, let's move on to the other half! On this EPISODE we start out with MORE WINTER and MORE WRECKS, with GLOBAL COOLING EFFECTS and the NAHUM ROAD WRECKS PROPHECY!... more

We have finally reached the conclusion of the first half of JANUARY 2015 IN REVIEW with another HALF MONTH WORTH OF AMAZING NEWS UPDATES yet to go! To wrap up this half of January, we take a look at TOPICS #10:... more

On this ongoing episode we discuss various amazing ENDTIME SIGNS THAT HAPPENED UPON THE EARTH, AS WELL AS, UP IN THE COSMOS HEAVENS, during week #2 of January 2015 in Review! Dont miss it!
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