Understanding The Final End Times

Understanding The Final End Times


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On this ongoing series of bi-weekly episodes reviewing the most prophetic news stories from WEEK #2 OF NOVEMBER IN REVIEW, we pick it back up at TOPIC #8: FRANKEN FOODS & FRANKENSTEIN FACILITIES, along with some... more

On this ongoing series of bi-weekly episodes, we pick it back up at TOPIC #6: DISEASES & PESTILENCES talking about KISSING BUG DISEASE, VIRUS CAUSING STUPIDITY, NOROVIRUS, DANGERS OF SUGAR, STRANGE HIV... more

With WEEK #1 OF NOVEMBER 2014 IN REVIEW now completed, let's move onto WEEK #2's NEWS REVIEWS... Starting with TOPIC #1: GLOBAL COOLING and the LITTLE ICE AGE EFFECTS of the POLAR VORTEX is here & now!... more

On this ongoing Bi-weekly series of episodes, we pick it back up at TOPIC #8 GLOBAL WARMING and discuss the PHASING OUT OF FOSSIL FUELS BY 2100 AD; CALIFORNIA DROUGH SPREADING TO (7) WEST COASTAL... more

Starting New Job at John Deere today @ 4pm. Doing show early at 9:30am. This is our anniversary week of being on Blog Talk Radio for 2 full years! All this plus a POLAR VORTEX HITTING MOST OF THE 50 STATES! We're getting rain this... more

ALRIGHT FOLKS, here we are again, on PART 2 of WEEK #1 NOVEMBER IN REVIEW and we have a BUNCH OF NEWS to give you all tonite! Picking it back up at ROBOTS UPDATES and then moving onto BIG BROTHERISM.... more

Back again Friends! With over a week off and working on the NEW BOOK PROJECT of ENDTIME EVENTS BETWEEN BLOOD MOONS #1 -&- #2, its good to be back on the air again! Also celebrating 2 year anniversary on Blog Talk... more

On this bi-weekly updated episode, we discuss the major prophetic news that happened during week #4 of OCTOBER 2014. Some of which included the updates on DISEASES & PESTILENCES with conspiracy theories on FEMA... more

Fresh off of our SPECIAL CELESTIAL SUMMARY REPORT & BIBLE STUDY, we got back into the weekly news reviews and started out with OCTOBER WEEK #4 SUBJECT OF COSMIC SIGNS! Then we got into the TOPIC OF CYBORGS... more

Greetings Once Again Friends & Neighbors! We just wrapped up our first in a series of SUMMARIZED EPISODES OF BLOOD MOONS #1 & #2 dealing with the MANY COSMIC SIGNS OF THE ENDTIMES that occured, leading up to... more
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