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Tonight's show will be all about the callers. We will discuss a few things but then the queue will be opened up to give the callers the opportunity to speak. I will be flying solo tonight so I will be relying on you guys to make it a great show.
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On tonight's show we will reflect on our surprise call last week from Damon Grow. We will be discussing our thoughts on what was mentioned on the call and our overall thoughts on Joe Montana 16. Does it sound more like a console game... more

On tonight's show we will be discussing the possibility of Joe Montana Football 16. There has been a lot a buzz around this game and we will be addressing all of the main questions. When will this game be released? Will this game be on... more

On tonight's show we will be talking some Madden football. Of course there's not much more we can say about Madden, but we need to make sure the message is out there to help get what we want. There are a few areas we won't to focus... more

Welcome back Sim Community! We only have a few topics lined up for tonight but I'm sure there's enough to talk about. First we will be discussing WWE 2K15. What are your thoughts? Is the game better or worse than you thought?... more

We have some great topics lined up for tonight's show. What's going on with all of these games coming out half finished? Why do you think that is, and is it acceptable? The Madden Team released an article in regards to breaking down... more

On tonight's show we willl be covering just a few topics. How satisfied are you with the current sports games? How do you feel sports games will improves on this generation? Are today's sports games better than we think? What have... more

We have another great show lined up for your tonight. We will be discussing the release of NBA Live 15 and how we feel about the game overall. Is the game better than expected? Is NBA Live 15 a big enough jump from Live 14? Is NBA... more

Tonight we will be discussing NBA Live and there's a lot to talk about. What are your reactions to the NBA Live 15 Live Stream. What were the positives you saw in the gameplay? What were the negatives you saw in the gameplay? Did... more

Tonight we have more on NBA 2K15 and NBA Live 15. How have you experiences been with 2K's servers. How are you enjoying the game overall? In which modes are you spending most of your time? Are you anticipating... more

Boy do we have a lot to talk about tonight. You guys should already know we are going to dive into the launch failure experienced by NBA 2K15. How does it make you feel about the game overall? Is gameplay being overshawed by all of the... more