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Ontario Sasquatch Research, Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Field Research, Audio Analysis, Vocalizations, Interpretations. If you have always had an interest in bigfoot, sasquatch, interpretation and actual field research on the subject the you have found another portal to explore. Especially for those of you who are doing research in Ontario, Canada. Sasquatch has long eluded researchers yet there are many who refuse to give up the search. From those of you who first gained an interest after watching "The Legend of Boggy Creek" to those who have reviewed the Snelgrove lake video in Northern Ontario, everything points in the right direction but still seems inconclusive. As this search continues, we, as a collective, continue to absorb and learn by those around us who share the same thoughts and theories. Simply Sasquatch is there for all of those who want to be part of the learning process....because it never ends. Your hosts Jason Goldring (The Ticking Mind) and Timothy D. Ervick (Squatchers) hope to provide you with a wealth of insight and information about the world of Sasquatch as it happens. Enjoy!

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This episode is wide open to people who wish to contribute and offer comments about what they think of Sasquatch. Perhaps a field trip that took place and you found some interesting evidence. Maybe you have experienced a possible... more

What are the differences between between doing "reconnaissance" work in the field and actual field research? Are they the same? How could the two be married together to permit a complete and thorough examination of an area? What are... more

Some recent news and events, then on to a quick look at doing "recon" work in the field (a primer to another episode) followed by a look at "blobsquatchery" - what we have seen in the past, what we have learned and what we do... more

A look into the possibility that worldwide sasquatch reports may represent different species based on the environment that they live in. What are the possible differences? And Why?

If you listened to my first episode you would have noted that I became involved with bigfoot research after hearing some strange vocalizations. At the time I did not know that I was listening to; I did not know that it might have been... more
Ticking Mind

A lifetime of lessons learned

  • by Ticking Mind
I suspect that there still might be a problem with this whole BlogTalk editor program so let me first say that if yoyu see weird $0$0$0 type of things, that is not me; I have tried with FF, IE & Chrome and I get the same... more

In this episode we discuss the possible reasons why bigfoot / sasquatch is so elusive. We also do a review of the Midland GXT950VP4 GMRS radios that are used in the field when doing research and actual "real world" performance.

Simply Sasquatch's first episode. A brief description of the series and a chance to learn a little bit about the show's host, Jason Goldring AKA "The Ticking Mind". Please join us to learn more about Sasquatch / Bigfoot, theories, field research... more
Ticking Mind

Inaugural show coming....

  • by Ticking Mind
Hello folks, Jason Goldring here. I am excited to annouce that our first "Inaugural" show will be coming very soon. Details will be provided very soon. Cheers!
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