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Matthew Heines has just published a wonderful book Killing Time In Saudi Arabia. It details his 18 months in the country working as a contractor teaching English to the Saudi Arabia National Guard. The book is one that I greatly enjoyed, there is a surface layer of humor but when you dig there is a much more serious layer. It is all about trying to reconcile western customs with those of the guest country. There is little room for error, and errors can be costly. In Matthew's case not only was he faced with the culture shock of the country, but the culture shock created by his employer.
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A look back at this weeks events in the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases.

Steven has just released his first novel Real Cops - Wear Uniforms And Ride In Patrol Cars. As an Ex-cop Steven is well qualified to explore this subject.

An interview with the prog rock band IZZ

We will have our regular panel to discuss this sad frustrating case. I also want to open the show up to the other sad stories that have occurred this week.I ask the question, why Florida?

Jazz musician Joey Stuckey talks to us about his new release, we will also have the opportunity to listen to a couple of tracks. Joey may be blind. but he is a wonderfully accomplished guitarist. He has won many awards, and it will be a... more

Jennifer has just released her second childrens book, once again it features Penny & Rio, the ultimate dog detectives, well sort of...

Eric Sheibeler has just released an explosive new book Merchants Of Deception. This is an insiders expose of the Amway company and its pyramid selling techniques. Think CULT!

Our weekly review of what is happening in the case. We will also be bringing everyone up to speed on the Caylee Anthony case. Our regular panel will be on hand to take questions and comments.

The Bail Bond and Bounty Hunting business is one that few people understand. The average American knows almost nothing about it. Our sole information comes from the Discovery Channel and watching Dog Chapman bust loser drug users... more

James has just released a new novel Rick And Bobo. Aimed at the young adult market, it is a wonderful look at some not quite 'super heroes'