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Band leader Matt Brookins commented on the latest album: ?On Turtles All the Way Down, our sound is refined with a balance of modern and classic vibes, while still retaining the signature 'Odin's Court' sound. We also have the... more

James Ross has just published his 6th novel Shari's Shot. Fans of James Ross will recognize his backdrop, the Prairie Winds Golf Club and the fabulous characters that call it home. I have a huge admiration for James Ross, he has... more

Our weekly look at current events. It has been an interesting week, lots to talk about. Shock and Awe American style, tell your enimy you are coming in 6 to 10 weeks. Boy that must have the Islamist State quaking in their boots. .Rudy... more

Our weekly loook into the world of Bail Bonds. The vast majority of Bondsman are scupulous in folling the letter of the law, complex though it is. There are a few though who bent the law and even some that totaly disregard it. While the... more

People may know the name Matthew Heines from his three books about his time spent as an Enlish teacher in Oman and Saudi Arabia, part travelogue part social comentary. Deceptions of the Ages is a fa different and fer more complex... more

San Francisco based band The Shams are releasing their highly anticipated EP ?One and All? on February 24th, 2015. This multifaceted, Irish-influenced rock band showcases their strong and original song writing skills, and the lads are... more

A look at the news of the last week. Brian Williams, John Boehner, lots to talk about this week.

About the only certainty in the buisiness of being a recovery agent is the uncertainty of the mission. Why did someone skip a court date? You can pretty much rule out forgetfulness. There are occasions where the fugitive does indeed... more

This week my guests and I will looking at current events. ISIS are thugs but generally run a sophisticated PR operation. That went to shit with the captured jordanian pilot. I doubt they made many friends by releasing the video. Ebola is... more

Our weekly look inside the world of Bail Bonds and the things that can go wrong. The Comercial Bond business is under fire from the Pre-trial Release lobby. It is important for those in the Comercial Bond world to follow the letter of the law,... more