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Lots to talk about this week, The events in Furguson are disturbing. Many are equating it to the Trayvon Martin case.One wonders why the police officer involved is still a free man, I somehow doubt that had Darren Wilson been a... more

Nearly lost to the sands of time, a recently discovered set of vintage ‘70s recordings from Chicago-based jazz-rock ensemble The Flock will finally be released as Heaven Bound - The Lost Album on July 22 through Cleopatra... more

This week has been a busy one for the news world. Most of it very depressing. Isreal and Hamas contintue to pound away at each other. Iraq is is disintergrating onto a blood bath, Obama has green lighted air strikes against ISIS, this makes... more

It was several years ago that I first heard about the History Publishing Company. Rather than be a general publisher owner Don Bracken had a vision, the books would be in the genre 'Living History', Idealy the authors would write first hand... more

Israel and Palestine continue to act like naughty two year olds, the problem is thay are two year olds with guns. The 72 hour cease fire lasted 90 minutes. Actually it is amazing that it lasted that long.Odd that Palestines usual buddies... more

Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd fans rejoice! On July 7, 2014 AR Garden Records, via Cherry Red will release the debut album by the Garden Music Project, which features music inspired by the paintings by PINK FLOYD founder SYD... more

Ukraine and MH17 continues on. The Dutch are a stoic people, I thought the ceremony to receive the first of the bodies was conducted with great restraint. No speeches,no commentary, just great respect for the victims. The Israel/Palestine... more

Lots to talk about this week. MH17. There is much finger pointing going on. There seems little doubt about who pulled the trigger, but where did they get the gun from? Who is going to fess up? Israel puts boots on the ground in... more

Linda Maria Frank has just published her third book in the Annie Tillerery Mystery series. The Secrets In The Fairy Chimneys is a great read. While aimed at the Young Adult market the author has created a book that stands up well for us... more

Stained Glass is becoming a popular addition in the home. Today I will be talking to Los Angeles base stain glass artisan Mark Levy. Also joining us is homeowner Mannie Barling who has some stained glass by Mark Levy Studios.