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Stained Glass is becoming a popular addition in the home. Today I will be talking to Los Angeles base stain glass artisan Mark Levy. Also joining us is homeowner Mannie Barling who has some stained glass by Mark Levy Studios.

How difficult would it be to convert Air Force One into a cargo plane to repatriate the kids crossing the rio grande? I think $3.7 B could buy a whole bunch of 747's. Have any of you heard anything about Ukraine? Nope, me neither. The hot... more

With the release of her seventh full-length album and a brand new endorsement deal with Two Old Hippies, who worked with Breedlove Guitars to build her a new custom-made guitar, Katie Garibaldi has proven herself to be an artist with... more

Lots to talk about this week. I can't wait to hear the panel talk about the two key rulings out of the Supreme Court, The Hobby Lobby ruling I found a little starange, does this open the door to other challenges to Obamacare? The... more

I will be talking with inverntors Chistopher Oliver and James Villepigue about their latest invention ZomBcall. There is a clear and present danger by the threat of an imminent Zombie Apocalypse, possibly these two young men have found a way... more

Punk is dead, Long live Punk! In the late 70's there was a fan backlash against the mega bands, they had become untouchable and unaproachable. Punk was the way out of the Rock Opera world. I have to admit that most of it was pretty... more

Are we any closer to finding out the truth behind Benghazi? I have my doubts. Hillary Clinton's book plummets in sales on week two. Thad Cochran finds support in strange places. The GOP doesn't much care for the ruckus the Tea Party... more

This week we have lots to talk about, IRS loses some emails, FCC fines Chinese company $35 million for making and selling a device that most people would view as a usueful gadget. Iraq rolls on, as does the blame game. No boots on the... more

Authors leave fingerprints. Mary Martin is a case in point. She writes trilogies, She started with the Osgood trilogy, and now she is about to release the final book in the Trilogy Of Rememberance, Night Crossing. At the heart of the this set is... more

I had planned on airing this segment on Fathers Day, but technical issues abounded. If you enjoy music, there is something here for you. All of the musicians involved are people I have interviwed here on BTR. Each and every... more