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It is not even 2015, but already there is a great deal of talk about thge 2016 presidential election. This week Jeb Bush anounced that he is exploring the posibility of maybe running. This definative maybe has feuled a great deal of speculation. Could the Bush family be going for a 'threepete? The dems are being tight lipped about who will throw their hat in the ring, but everone seems to favor Hillary. Bill likes the scheme, the White house is a pretty decent place to live and there are an endless suplpy of interns. Alas the 2016 election will follow the previous ones. it is not about policy, it is all about money. Who can outspend the other on TV? Odd really, most people think they are voting for a person, wrong, you are voting for a label. Join us on the program, as we hear from a potential presidential candidate who is not afraid of awkward questions.
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Imigration, Benghazi, Furguson, Iran, you don't have to be a rocket scientis to find interesting subjects in the news this week.

This week on the panel will be General Agent for Palmetto Insurance and owner of Surety 3, Rod Dowston. also joinigg us will be Bondsmen William Cobra staubs and Matthew Todd. Topics on the menu? Who knows, with this group you... more

Matthew Heines has just published a wonderful book Killing Time In Saudi Arabia. It details his 18 months in the country working as a contractor teaching English to the Saudi Arabia National Guard. The book is one that I greatly enjoyed,... more

A conversation with William Cobra Staubs about recent events in the case.

We have a red tide in DC. What does it all mean? Little or nothing? The butting of heads has already started, Immigration, Obamacare. Threats of another government shutdown, the Keystone pipeline, oh the list goes on and on. But,... more

By itself it seems harmless enough, a man in distress calling for help. However it is the start of a very curious case. The 911 call came in at 6:35 am on Friday Oct 3rd. A canoeist in distress caused the Coast Guard and other Law enforcement... more

This week on the program, The midterm elections, what can we expect in the next two years? Action or the usuaL DC gridlock? North Korea releases Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller, is this a move to try and repair relations with the US or is... more

This week on the program we will be talking about some of the more colorful aspects of the world of Bail Bonds. Last week Aris Chris Varellan was finally captured after a a hunt that had lated for months. It is a very interesting story.... more

Much to the excitement of music fans worldwide, UK rock quintet Winter in Eden release their highly anticipated third album COURT OF CONSCIENCE on October 16, 2014. Recorded in Holland during 2013, the album contains eleven... more

The world of Bail Bonds is a complex one. This week on the program we will be looking at several aspects. Sonoma California has decided to change the rules, if these changes are replicated in other areas there could be seious implications to... more