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The world of Bail Bonds is a complex one. This week on the program we will be looking at several aspects. Sonoma California has decided to change the rules, if these changes are replicated in other areas there could be seious implications to... more

Rockin The Wall tells the story of the colappse of the USSR from a different perspective than is taught in history clases. The wall fell because of many reasons. Often overlooked is the role that rock music and Blue Jeans played in... more

The midterm ellections are just over a week away. At stake is control of the Senate. But many voters are appathetic, does it really matter? Regardles of who is in control it is unlikely that much progress will be made in Washington for... more

The world of a Bailbondsman is certainly an interesting one. Joining me on air will be Recovery Agents William Cobra Staubs and Matt Todd together with Bail Bond Agent Nancy Kelly. The industry seems to be in a state of flux, There are some... more

Once again Ebola seems to be the lead story in the news this week. Doctors Without Boarders have treated over 2000 cases in west affrica with only two healthcare workers becoming infected. Here in the US there is a very different... more

We have a star studded cast lined up for todays program including ,Alan Seidenberg, Matt Todd, Nancy Kelly, Rod Dowston and William Cobra Staubs. This week we will continuing our debate on Pre-Trial Release. Also covering a... more

Much to the anticipation of prog fans worldwide, keyboardist/composer Leon Alvarado will be releasing his third album '2014, Music from an Expanded Universe' on October 30, 2014, the first under the Melodic Revolution Records... more

Ebola, a game every country can play. New rules for people flying into the US from infected areas. You have to have your temp taken and fill out a form promising that you you have not been playing with any ebola infected people.... more

This week on Americas Most Unwanted the program that takes the listener inside the world of Bail Bonds we will be discussing the somewhat controversial subject of Pre-Trial Release. One view is that by someone entering the program it is... more

D. Edward, Singer/Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist, has played with numerous groups over his long and storied career, and now releases his new solo project titled 'Love Is', releasing worldwide on October 21st, 2014. 'Love Is' was... more