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It is not even 2015, but already there is a great deal of talk about thge 2016 presidential election. This week Jeb Bush anounced that he is exploring the posibility of maybe running. This definative maybe has feuled a great deal of speculation. Could the Bush family be going for a 'threepete? The dems are being tight lipped about who will throw their hat in the ring, but everone seems to favor Hillary. Bill likes the scheme, the White house is a pretty decent place to live and there are an endless suplpy of interns. Alas the 2016 election will follow the previous ones. it is not about policy, it is all about money. Who can outspend the other on TV? Odd really, most people think they are voting for a person, wrong, you are voting for a label. Join us on the program, as we hear from a potential presidential candidate who is not afraid of awkward questions.
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This week on the proram we will be looking at the hunt for Bruce Wilkinson.Suspectted of being in the Tampa area of Florida. His list of crimes is long, mostly involving guns and drugs.On the program will be the agents... more

Matthew published two books about his time in Oman working as a teacher of English. My Year In Oman and Aonther Year In Oman. Both are excellent, and both offer a very interesting peek inside the upsides and downsides of... more

Reblicans mange to avod a Government shutdown Most government workers are upset. it could have been another three week paid vacation. The fabled CIA torture report was released. Who was right and who was wrong? Actually the... more

Our weekly look at the worls of Bail Bonds.

This week, the child fan who returned from the dead. How many white cops boes it take to kill an unrmed black man? Here is a clue, no guns were used. In these days of cost cutting every bullet counts. Senator Mary is looking for a new job, I... more

The hunt for missing (presumed not dead) John Charles Price came to an end on Thursday. This story is so bizarre, few people would believe it is true. Join us on air as we go through the saga. He may have eluded the cops, but with... more

'One More Red Night: Live In Chicago' includes three songs from the iconic landmark album 'Red'; which inspired many musicians including Kurt Cobain. This CD also captures several other well-known songs from the three King Crimson... more

Our weekly review of news and politics. Topics TBA

Our weekly look at the world of bail bonds. Joining me this week General Agent for Palmetto Insurance and owner of Surety 3, Rod Dowston. Bondsman and recovery agent William Cobra Staubs. Recovery agent Matthew Todd. As always... more