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Lots to talk about this week. Berghdahl charges. Hill's lawyers account of Rosemary Woods being in charge of her delete button. The suicide of the pilot - Saudi Arabia fighting yemen. The law in Indiana to punish Gays. bet the final... more

Our weekly look at the world of bailbonds

Our weekly roundup of news and current affairs. Ted Cruz set for an announcement tomorrow. Clinton and the email server continues to be a problem. Bibi wins in Israel. Kim Jong Un set to take a vacation to Moscow. Plus... more

Our weekly look at the Bail Bond world. Well one fugitive from justice is now enjoying three squares and a warm bed. The Bruce Wilkinson story is a great one. To quote one of the agents involved. How to catch a fugitive that has... more

A look at news and current events. Wheres Vlad? he hasn't been seen in a week. Tuesday is game day in Israel, is Bibi out? The naughty letter to Iran, The cop hunting season opens in Ferguson. Is ISIS losing? Clinton email server

Our weekly look at the world of bail bonds. Earlier this week I came across a very interesting story out of Mississippi. The Post Conviction Bond. After spending two... more

'Kai,' represents big musical and personal changes for group founder, composer, producer, and guitarist, Sasha Markovic. Yagull has officially became a duo with the addition of Sasha's most challenging collaborator up until this time, pianist... more

Lots to talk about this week. Hillary and her email server. Bill O'Rielly and his 'porky pies'. Bibi's speach to congress. 50 years of Selma and the start of the Vietnam war. Interesting statistics from Ferguson, racial profiling? Oh say it is... more

Our weekly look at the world of bailbonds. We invite you to call in with your questions and comments. We welcome any topic, extradition laws, pre trial release, ethics, you name it we want to talk about it.