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Lots to talk about this week, Iraq and Syria continue to hold the headlines. But is this a war that is possible to win? Jim Traficant has passed on, was he friend or foe? The midterm elections are looming, what is going to happen?

This week in the program we will be looking at Pre-trial Release, Pre-trial Intervention and Pre-Trial Diversion. These are terms that the man in the street lokely had never heard of until the Ray Rice story broke.The difference between... more

There is lots to talk about this week. What amazes me is that Congress just came back from a 5 week summer vacation, spent 6 days in session, not achieving very much, so now they are off on a 6 week vacation. Appently they need 6 weeks to... more

This week on the program I will be joined by bond recovery agents William Cobra Staubs and Matthew Todd. The Bail Bond world is to put it mildly a colorful one, as indeed are the people involved. I have no doubt that these two... more

Linda Frank has three books in print, all part of her Annie Tillerery Mystery series.The series so far is The Madonnas Ghost, Girl With Pencil. Drawing, and most recently The Secrets In The Fairy Chinmeys. At the center of the action is... more

Our weekly look at current events. Ray Rice not just sidelined, but tols to clean his locker out. Adrian Peterson accused of child abuse. What is happening in the NFL? ISIS beheads another Westerner and breaks the knife in the process. Who... more

The press is brimming with stories about manhunts waged by the various law agencies, You only have to think back to the Boston Bombing atrocity to see that, just about every three letter federal agency threw huge resources at... more

Much to the excitement of music fans worldwide, classic rock ensemble Vespers Nine will be releasing their eagerly awaited debut CD 'True Story' on September 27, 2014. Vespers Nine, a five member premier classic rock band based out... more

It has been a busy week for news. We have Vlad the Russian peacemaker suposedly brokering a deal with Ukraine. Many are doubting Putin's motives. Essentially he has won his land grab and a land bridge to the Crimea. NATO... more