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Easter, Ukraine. Obamaccare. FDA and the price of beer. Yup lots to talk about this week,

A look at this weeks news and current events. Comcast and Time Warner merger. Oops how come our law makers are no opposed to this unholy situation? Hillary dodges flying shoe. CNN wears out the word Ping. Ukraine continues to... more

The news biz is at best confusing. These days it seems to me that the key is spin. Some organisations run left, some run right. Is obamacare a success or a failure? It depend on who you talk to. MSNBC says it is great 7.1 million people have... more

This week on the program, Starbucks selling booze, CNN beating the MH370 story into the ground. Hollywood in a bible phase. Is Obamacare all bad? I love to monitor the news, it is a source of entertainment. Please join us for what I am... more

This week, has the media beaten Flight 370 to death? What does Putin do next? Does he have eyes on more of Ukraine? Starbucks to start selling booze with a Lattee. What is the world coming to?

Panel member Peter Haven summed it up: Blade Runner going down Plane going down Ukraine going down Religion going down Climate going down. Tea party going down Everything is a real downer.

This week, Tzar Putin and his need to own Crimea. Massachusetts and the 'Upskirt' bill. What happened at CPAC. Should an 18 year old that no longer lives at home expect 'child support'

MACHINE MASS feat. DAVE LIEBMAN pairs the legendary saxophonist (Miles Davis, Elvin Jones...) with longtime collaborator drummer Tony Bianco (Elton Dean, Paul Dunmall, Evan Parker, douBt) and guitarist Michel Delville... more

This week, the disturbing developments in Ukraine, Jan Brewer and SB 1062, Tea party turns 5. Oh and much more.