Michael Silverton


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I suppose I've wound up being a bit of an b-lister autodidact polymath of sorts, interested in Catalytic Innovation, Competitive Strategy, Venture Catalysts, Adaptive Brainstorming, and the like. Topics of Interest: User-Generated Content; User AS Content. Capitalism++ (Mixed Economies, Free Market Socialism, etc.). Healthful, Adaptive, radical Extensions to Human Longevity; Ending Aging. Ethical Technoprogressivism. Human-Computer Integration, Brain Computer Interfaces, Convergence of NNBIC: Neuro Nano Bio Info Cogno. H+, Transhumanism. That's probably enough of Too Much, for now. Heck, if you can't have fun changing the world for the better, why bother, right? ;-)

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An open dialog that may or may not touch upon such questions as: Can we at least agree that U.S. Constitution is worth preserving, defending, and even extending to less free societies? How does Federalism view massive industry... more