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Hi I'm Silent J. Ever since I could remember I have alway's wanted to work in radio. I still do but for now this will do. I am a 10 year active & reserve vet and counting in the U.S. Army. A two bit stand up comic. A well versed know nothing know it all and a bass player in a band who never gets together. My chidhood was out of a bad movie. A few tours overseas. Poor drinking habits. Bad choice in friends and a failed marriage will shape your mind the way it has mine. A love of punk rock, tattoos, strippers, being a dad and sushie keep me going. If I still have your attention... Then tune in call up drop in on the chat room. Feel free to call me a loud mouth cocky zero, it's ok my mom does. I may not be your cup of tea. I am outspoken but will give your thoughts a fair shake. All I claim is that love me or hate me you will never ever, forget about me. I am Silent J and this is my show.

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Another episode of the Junk Punch is here w/Silent J. We are going to talk about special interest groups and what they are doing to t.v., radio, comedy and politcs. We will also talk about Wisconsin and the end of the recall elections. Also... more

Another star studded episode of The Junk Punch w/Silent J is here. This weeks main guest is Joanna Angel She is an adult actress, media mogul, owner of an amazing site and according to CNBC has crossover... more

Silent J her bringing you another episode of Junk Punch. No guests this week but I have plenty to keep me going. Debt ceiling, B.S. media, lying politicans, crap stories and one bright spot. A season of sloppy NFL football coming soon. Oh... more

Another Wednesday and another episode of The Junk Punch W/Silent J. Tonight on the show Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm, Inc. will be on Jordan specalizes in the fine art of hooking men up... more

On this episode of the Junk Punch I Silent J have a special guest #52 Arthur Moats of the Buffalo Bills. He is the man that ended Brett Favre's career starting streak. We will talk about the "Hit", the NFL lockout, youth football, being in the... more

Happy Anniversary to me. It's the 1 year anniversary of Silent J and the Junk Punch (oh and the 4th Happy Anniversary America). What a long year it has been. I have had great show's, good show's, horrible show's and some... more

I am so sick and tired of people saying you need to be "PC". So in honor of all those people I say F%#& OFF. Sweeden isn't calling boys and girls well boys and girls anymore. They are now called "friends". It's also campaign season so you... more

I feel as if I need to tell most people to shut up. Maybe you want to tell me to shut up.....It's my show so good luck with that. Entering the ring will be the Craigslist flagger. Maybe. I'm getting tired of being stood up. So this is the last... more

June 14th is the next airing of the "JUNK PUNCH" Hosted by Silent J. On this episode of the Junk Punch I will have a couple guests on. One is the Craigslist flagger from Wausau WI. This person has been flagging my plugs for the show... more

Looks like were still here. Coast is clear were not going to die just yet. So now that we are alive we can all sit back Tuesday night for another fine edition of the Silent J show. I have a big announcement to make regarding the show. Also I... more
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