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Welcome to my tent. It's a diverse place where all are welcome regardless of age, gender, sexuality, national origin, religion or political persuasion. We all have to share the planet - let's learn how to talk TO each other instead of AT each other! We discuss politics, personal empowerment and what each of us can do to make this world a better place for the next generation.

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There's been so much speculation and in-fighting since the final network episode of OLTL within the soap community as we continue to work toward doing right by the soap genre. Things have been quiet for the last ten days for a reason --... more

Tonight we return with a new Soaps Roundtable to discuss their relevance and why we, as viewers, should jump on board the train to reinvigorate a genre being systematically destroyed for all the wrong reasons. Tonigh'ts show features... more

Tonight's show is special! Our guests are Stewart St. John and Todd Fisher, the founders and web pioneers behind the SFNTV Network. Their motto says it all - "Web Worth Watching". Featured shows on SFN include the web hit Fumbling... more

More details later on this special edition show scheduled for the network finale of OLTL.

You know her as the zany but wise Opal! Tonight Jill Larson chats about AMC, Agnes Nixon, the Coupon Campaign and the true future for soaps! More details about this show later...

Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the first episode of Agnes Nixon's All My Children. Tonight we celebrate Pine Valley and we discuss how SWANS - Standing With Agnes Nixon - have an opportunity to turn the tide and get AMC... more

Since the cancellation of Another World in 1999, I've been vocal about my passion for the industry known as soap opera. Now, I know many in America, if not the majority of Americans, see soap opera as some superfluous little... more

A special Christmas Week Show discussing the state of Soap Opera at the end of 2011. We're broadcasting on a special night this week. More details to follow...

Thirty eight years ago today the legendary Irna Phillips passed away. She was a mentor to the Grand Dame of ABC Soaps – Agnes Nixon. Tonight we celebrate the spirit of the Holidays with a look back at Irna's contributions to the... more

Tonight's Show is all about the Holiday Season and the phenomenal gift given fans by the Dynamic Daytime Duo known as CARTINI! Today's episode of One Life to Live is one which should be recorded for the ages! But before we get... more