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Welcome to my tent. It's a diverse place where all are welcome regardless of age, gender, sexuality, national origin, religion or political persuasion. We all have to share the planet - let's learn how to talk TO each other instead of AT each other! We discuss politics, personal empowerment and what each of us can do to make this world a better place for the next generation.

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Silas Kain

Farewell to a matriarch as the guiding light dims while the world turns....

  • by Silas Kain
Article first published as Farewell to a Matriarch as the Guiding Light Dims While the World Turns on Blogcritics.This is a sad week for Daytime. I know, you just rolled your eyes and thought ?soaps, oh brother.” Go ahead, snicker all... more

The BP oil disaster is receiving a lot of air time on the cable news networks. But how are people who live in the region coping? What impact will the moratorium on drilling have on the state of Louisiana? How are local news reporters getting... more

There's a lot going on in the world from the Oil spill in the Gulf to the two wars. Then we've got things happening on the domestic front. Women are taking dominance in several key races nationwide. Did you know there was a time... more
Silas Kain

June 3 Show Canceled

  • by Silas Kain
The upcoming delibernation show with Silas Kain has been canceled for this evening due to a family emergency. Stay tuned for further programming information for the rest of the month.

We're back from vacation and ready to talk! There's been a lot happening in the world in the last two weeks. So we found no better time for doing this show! So here goes... We’ve been hearing a lot lately about life on our Southern Border.... more

There’s a full plate tonight on our show. Sue O’Konis from the ATWT Fans group will share her experiences with the SAVE ATWT Rally in NYC and what happened at the ATWT Fan Luncheon the following day. Then we are going to... more

In keeping with our theme of Small Business Month, we will be having a conversation with Victoria Wyndham. Many will remember Ms. Wyndham as Rachel Davis Cory Hutchins on the long running daytime soap Another World.... more

So, what do you enjoy? What in life captures your attention and gives you satisfaction? Do you relish what you do? That's the key word for tonight's show. As we continue discussing challenges facing small business owners today,... more

Well, it's a new month and April 15th is coming which is a tough day for many small business owners. This month we are devoting every show on Thursdays to small business -- the pros and cons - and what we can do as small business... more

A few weeks ago, I asked if the fall of American Soap Operas have led to the rise in cable news viewership. Have CNN, FOX and MSNBC become the new daytime dramas? CBS announced that after 54 years they were pulling the plug on As... more