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Rants, Ratings & Rewards

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Silas Kain

Silas Kain


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The Coordinated Cable Coupon Campaign was launched last Saturday afternoon and the results will soon be pouring in – or will they?  Tonight we discuss the coupon campaign: the when, wheres, whys and hows.  We will explain the logic and why it is so important for soap viewers from all three networks to join together in a common purpose. 

Almost 5% of total soap viewers actually participate online in soap related websites.  So those few people with an active participation are viewed as inconvenient, ignorant and have in many cases been the subject of laughs and jokes.  You want to know why Brian Frons thinks you are a joke?  Listen in tonight and I’ll tell you. 

If you want the entertainment industry to respond you have to think outside the box and play the game by the rules they think they’ve established.  It’s about profits, stockholders and power.  And while there are several hundred cable networks, they’re all owned by a handful of giant companies squeezing every last penny out of advertisers and each of us.

And speaking of Mr. Frons, have you caught the Tweet fever overcoming General Hospital actors?  All of a sudden they’re coming out of the woodwork getting the viewers all excited!  Look up “bait & switch” on Google.  These poor actors are so afraid their respective careers are coming to an end that they’ll do anything to make the boss happy.  And the pathetic thing about it is the networks believe the “fans” are so desperate they can capitalize on actor fears and force them to promote a show that is D-E-A-D.  It’s emotional blackmail.   It’s time to stare Frons and his superiors straight in the eyes with one message, “This is not personal, THIS is business.”  It’s time the soap viewer base got all Michael Corleone on the networks!