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GalacticU Radio Network is an interactive radio network with 5 weekly shows with your host, Sierra Neblina, MRae, Justin Deschamps, Julian Robles, Don Daniels, Okamahia, and Naska, who address issues that pertain to Ascension. The shows on Sunday are bi-weekly: Channeled Messages from a Lemurian Shaman Okamahia and Practical Knowledge for the Awakening. Mondays: Only one show each week- Becoming a Cosmic Citizen with Don Daniels and Sierra Neblina. Tuesdays share bi-weekly programs: A Galactic Perspective with Sierra Neblina and Inter Galactic Feng Shui with MRae and Sierra. Click 'Follow' to receive reminders about upcoming broadcasts and other information from GalacticU. Also, explore spiritual Ascension and your own Galactic nature by visiting these sites: http://www.galacticu.com http://www.facebook.com/#!/GalacticUniversity http://www.EvolutionThroughContact.com

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Last week we had an out of this world special guest. If you have not heard that program, please go back and listen before the show as we will be talking about the revelations from that program tonight. Itasha will be back May 11th to continue our conversation and take your questions. In addition to a review of your reactions and thoughts about last week, we will be covering the concepts in the Chapter Talking with ET from my book. I want this to be a very interactive program, so please call with your thoughts on last week's program. We are especially interested in your analysis and self-assessment of your own reaction to Itasha's little revelation last week. How did you find yourself reacting? I think it is pretty obvious Itasha is here for the right reasons and working for our benefit. Did you find yourself ready to act as a diplomat with people like her? Have you spent some time contemplating how you would introduce someone like her to your friends, co-workers, or other groups you are affiliated with? Have you considered possible problems associated with introducing our star cousins to various people or groups you know? Who do you think would have the most trouble accepting this new paradigm? We will talk about all of these issues and more tonight. Don Daniels We always welcome your questions and calls. Call 1-646-478-3085 and if you wish to talk press 1 to be put in the cue. You can also listen (but not call) online and get the archives at: www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Sierra-Neblina Don's website: www.EvolutionThroughContact.com Galactic University GalacticU.com
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From Don Daniels book: Evolution Through Contact – Becoming a Cosmic Citizen. This week we have an out of this world special guest. Who is it? It's a surprise! I can promise this, YOU will definitely want to catch this program Live... more

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Today on our special broadcast of GalacticU Radio, Sierra Neblina, founder of GalacticU and GalacticU Radio Network, joins Erin Nell Egyptologist and they will discuss in detail GalacticU's upcoming trip to Egypt in October 12th-28th 2015.... more

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MRae will be sharing her intuitive skills as she remembers her life as an Altantian scientist developing accelerated learning, self-healing/remembering. Explore the Inter-Galactic principals of Feng Shui with us for balance with the Body, Home,... more

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