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GalacticU Radio Network is an interactive radio network with 5 weekly shows with your host, Sierra Neblina, MRae, Justin Deschamps, Julian Robles, Don Daniels, Okamahia, and Naska, who address issues that pertain to Ascension. The shows on Sunday are bi-weekly: Channeled Messages from a Lemurian Shaman Okamahia and Practical Knowledge for the Awakening. Mondays: Only one show each week- Becoming a Cosmic Citizen with Don Daniels and Sierra Neblina. Tuesdays share bi-weekly programs: A Galactic Perspective with Sierra Neblina and Inter Galactic Feng Shui with MRae and Sierra. Click 'Follow' to receive reminders about upcoming broadcasts and other information from GalacticU. Also, explore spiritual Ascension and your own Galactic nature by visiting these sites: http://www.galacticu.com http://www.facebook.com/#!/GalacticUniversity http://www.EvolutionThroughContact.com

Upcoming Broadcasts

WE ARE LIVE (9 PM EST) Beyond the Horizon: Channeled messages from A Lemurian Shaman Call in with your questions for your own spiritual path at (646)-478-3085 and press 1 GalacticU Radio Network welcomes our new Bi-Weekly Radio program 'Beyond the Horizon', Channeled messages from a Lemurian Shaman Okamahia, through a beautiful 90 year young woman named Barbara. Okamahia only speaks in a star language. Upon meeting another Being named Nashka, channeled through Richard, Nashka translates Okamahia's messages into English for those who wish to speak to Okamahia and ask questions. In designing the programs here at GalacticU Radio Network, it is our desire to have a program for anyone to call in and ask any question pertaining to their own spiritual growth. When I had these beautiful souls the first time, they were such a hit and so many of you wanted to see them return, we made a new radio program just for all of you, at your request. So every other week, YOU, the listener are welcome to call in to Beyond the Horizon and ask any question about your life or the life you had before coming to this planet. Please keep your questions to 2 per caller then get back on the cue if you would like more questions answered. This allows us to get to as many people who want to call in and talk to Okamahia as possible. Call 646-478-3085 and press 1 to have your hand up to ask a question live on the show. Press 1 again to take you out of cue. Then press 1 one more time to put you back in the cue to ask other questions. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sierra-neblina/2015/07/20/beyond-the-horizon-channeled-messages-from-okamahia-and-nashka-wk-15

On-Demand Episodes

Blog Post for topics raised during this show http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2015/07/stillness-in-storm-show-july-16th-2015.html We share ideas as a premise, an offer, cypher or coded "zip file"... more

Atlantian Lessons: Technologies Coming In and How It Parallels with Atlantis Atlantian Naturalist MRae, and guest star, Architect Richard M, who creates a portal to channel Nashka, will continue discussing the ?Technologies Coming In... more

Monday, July 27th, 7PM Mountain, 9PM Eastern Week 24 This Monday we will be doing a group Remote Viewing Experiment. Please go to my Website www.EvolutionThroughContact.com and in the documents tab download the... more

Talking about UFO/ET & What's Next for Humanity Becoming a Cosmic Citizen - Week 23 Monday, July 20th, 7PM Mountain - 9PM Eastern This week we will be finishing up the last couple of chapters in my book, including my experience... more

Beyond the Horizon: Channeled messages from A Lemurian Shaman GalacticU Radio Network welcomes our new Bi-Weekly Radio program 'Beyond the Horizon', Channeled messages from a Lemurian Shaman Okamahia, through a beautiful... more

Lessons from Atlantis Atlantian Naturalist MRae, and guest star Barbara who channels Okamahia in her native star language and Richard who interprets while channeling Nashka, will be discussing the lessons yet to learn from Atlantis.... more

Mary, Mother of ET! Becoming a Cosmic Citizen- there is dead air for 5 minutes- hold on the recording keeps going!! Monday, July 13th, 7PM Mountain - 9PM Eastern Week 22 This Monday we will have a special guest, Mary, Mother of... more

On tonights episode of "A Galactic Perspective," I welcome Jeremy McDonald from Soul Talk Radio to have a frank discussion about a few recent world events. The first that pulls at my heart strings to talk about is the decision from the... more

Becoming a Cosmic Citizen-?Week 21 Please read this chapter from my book: ?Service to Self, Service to Others, ?Service to the Universe This Monday we will have a discussion of the concept of Service. Are you mostly in Service to... more