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Side Tracked with Blue Vino

Side Tracked (with Blue Vino)


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The Guitarist & Piano Player of the band Blue Vino talk issues, comedy, music, politics (including satire), science, and more...

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Bo spoils Spider-Man Homecoming for Scott Side Topics: Food Stamp use at it's lowest in 7 years. China to become world leader in AI tech. Salvador Dali still has mustache even after having been dead for 28 years. Justin Bieber banned from... more

Welcome to another bullsh!tt!ng episode. We're just gonna have a nice chat about whatever.

Main Topic: US Space Council is Back Side Topics: US to arrest Parents & Sponsors of illegal immigrant children. CNN caught in lie narrative, exposed by their own anchors. Illinois may no longer be a state. Study finds... more

Main Topic: Gender Pronouns Side Topics: Rendition of Julius Caesar play where Trump is killed on stage. Teen Bandits caught trying to sell stolen cows at auction. 132 year old Lobster pardoned & released. NY Man on bicycle randomly gets... more

Main Topic: Comey Testimony Side Topics: Wonder Woman, the Film industry, & how Liberalism in America is affected by Hollywood. CNN caught staging Muslims against ISIS protest. CNN fires Kathy Griffin. CNN cuts ties w/ anchor who... more

We've done episodes like this before, but I figured we might as well name it! So listen in to the first (named) episode of SIDETRACKED SPOILER as Bo completely spoils Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for Scott! Afterward I suppose we'll... more

Main Topic: Luxury Music Festival Turns Chaotic Side Topics: Pirate Party US is seeking candidates to run for office. Roseanne getting revival short season (is this a good sign?). Fox News execs talking about making new network as Fox is... more

Main Topic: French Election Side Topics: Even Liberal San Fransisco can prove Anarchist theories correct. Messenger apps beginning to take the place of Social Networks. Vinyl record sales to top $1BIL this year! Brick-&-Mortar stores... more

Main Topic: Humanoid Robot Learns to Shoot Side Topics: Bo & Scott discuss the rated R entry into the Wolverine film saga "Logan" (expect spoilers). "Leaked" NSA Malware Threatens Windows users who aren't using MOST UP TO DATE... more

Main Topic: It Was the CIA Side Topics: Facial recognition tech could land YOU at the wrong end of a criminal charge. The Japanese kill 333 whales for consumption even though it's not a popular dish. Some papers refraining from... more
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