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Side Tracked with Blue Vino

Side Tracked (with Blue Vino)


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The Guitarist & Piano Player of the band Blue Vino talk issues, comedy, music, politics (including satire), science, and more...

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Main Topic: Sex Robots Side Topics: Shrooms are back in the news regarding medicinal use. Face reading AI will be able to detect your politics, IQ, & more. JP Morgan Chase CEO takes a jab at Bitcoin. Emojis need to get their priorities... more

Main Topic: Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste Side Topics: Why do TV Tropes persist instead of new ideas? NFL hitting new low viewer numbers. J-Law says hurricanes are because of Trump voters. Colbert gives Trump the Nazi salute... more

Main Topic: Continued Discussion on Liberals vs Confederates (We continue our show from last week since it was cut off due to technical difficulties) Side Topics: Gab.ai is downed by Google. LA's response to homeless taking over their... more

Main Topic: Trump Talking Military Action Side Topics: DNC Deputy Chair says Kim Jong Un acting More responsible than Trump. Sexting has gotten more popular in the past 5 years. Google fires engineer for pointing out facts. Mitch... more

Main Topic: Facebook A.I. Side Topics: Scott has discovered a new Mandela Effect. Why people keep using Facebook... even after Zuckerberg is thinking of running for POTUS & they made AI that wound up inventing it's own language... more

Bo spoils Spider-Man Homecoming for Scott Side Topics: Food Stamp use at it's lowest in 7 years. China to become world leader in AI tech. Salvador Dali still has mustache even after having been dead for 28 years. Justin Bieber banned from... more

Main Topic: Comey Testimony Side Topics: Wonder Woman, the Film industry, & how Liberalism in America is affected by Hollywood. CNN caught staging Muslims against ISIS protest. CNN fires Kathy Griffin. CNN cuts ties w/ anchor who... more

We've done episodes like this before, but I figured we might as well name it! So listen in to the first (named) episode of SIDETRACKED SPOILER as Bo completely spoils Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for Scott! Afterward I suppose we'll... more

Main Topic: Luxury Music Festival Turns Chaotic Side Topics: Pirate Party US is seeking candidates to run for office. Roseanne getting revival short season (is this a good sign?). Fox News execs talking about making new network as Fox is... more

Main Topic: French Election Side Topics: Even Liberal San Fransisco can prove Anarchist theories correct. Messenger apps beginning to take the place of Social Networks. Vinyl record sales to top $1BIL this year! Brick-&-Mortar stores... more
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