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"All The psychology you need to know and just enough to be dangerous."The Shrink Rap Radio psychology podcast by Dr. Dave (aka David Van Nuys,Ph.D.) is a more or less weekly, 50- 60 min. format involving interviews with fascinating people in and around the broad world of psychology. If you are interested in what makes people tick, then this is the show for you, whether you be amateur, student, or professional. Now in its second year, this popular show has covered such topics as: Developing Intuition The Hero's Journey and Dreams Psychedelics, Meditation, and Art Mythic Views of Aging Jungian Psychology Mayan Shamanic Healing Psychology and Politics Police Psychology Psychology of Serial Killers Buddhist Psychology Neurolinguistic Programming Art Therapy Energy Psychology QiQong and Tai Chi Psychology of Affluence Psychology of Longevity Altered States of Consciousness Scientific Parapsychology Ageism Gestalt Therapy and... Many more interesting show are on the way! You will find it at http://www.shrinkrapradio.com or in the iTunes music store with a search on Shrink Rap Radio. You can listen to the shows live on your computer or download them to any MP3 player.