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Lets Go There

Let's Go There


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A show that discusses a range of topics that people shy away from. Discussing Life Style issues…anything from the effects of ageing on a relationship to lo

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We all have emotions, positive ones and negative ones.... Emotions will always be a part of us.... But are they all good? Should they control us or should we be in control of them? Tune in tonight as SB (Shola Bademosi & Sade Kaffo discuss... more

You have to understand that your husband will always have a relationship with that child's mother because he would have to co-parent with her. So you have to decide if that is something you are prepared to be a part of. Renegotiate the... more

Do you have a tendency to give in to him all the time? There's a fine line between being Submissive and being a Doormat. So, what is being a doormat anyway? A doormat is a woman who bends over backwards to please her man, a woman... more

What is the best way to keep a man from leaving you? How do you STOP your man leaving? Are you dedicated to making the changes to keep him around? Are you willing to make the changes to make him happy?

Married but living apart? In a long-distance relationship? Unable to live in the same city, not to mention country? Due to employment opportunities, immigration, educational needs of your children, or the demands of family members back... more

Are you the type of woman who needs to know you have a new boyfriend in the pipe line before you walk out on your current relationship? When you find yourself single again do you spend all of your time on the hunt for your next boyfriend?... more

Emotional blackmailers use fear, obligation and guilt in their relationships to get what they want. Everyone is capable of using emotional blackmail to get what they want. Most times we convince ourselves we're exempted from it; and other... more

Is She Really Flirting With You? Can you pick up the Signs? Is it possible to flirt in a subtle way to make him want you, without him even noticing? When does flirting become off putting? And where do you draw the line between flirting and... more

Can you find true love online? So you want to meet someone and have decided to go online. Is that a good move — proactive and forward-thinking? Would you meet up with a complete stranger with explicitly romantic intentions? Once... more

Dating: Again after a breakup Getting back into the dating scene after being attached for so long can be tricky You've grown so used to letting your guard down in a relationship. And if you were in a long relationship, the chances are... more