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Find all this out and more on this show and at Ever ask yourself why atheists always bash God but they never bash Satan? Ever wonder why atheists say "God is so evil and God is such a bully" but then atheists say "oh and He doesn't exist"? Ever ask yourself "If atheism is so kind and loving where are all the atheist hospitals?" Also if atheism was true to it's cause why do atheists use money that says "in God we trust on it"? Shouldn't a true atheist give that money to theists and be true to their atheist convictions? Is it hypocritical to use money that says "IN GOD WE TRUST ON IT"? Why are atheist shows like "The atheist Experience show" still scared to answer this question live on the air? Question: What proof and evidence can atheists give the rational world that would finally show atheism is accurate or correct? Find out on this show why Christianity rules the world and why atheists still after all these centuries are still failing to disprove the existence of God. After all this time....they still can't do it...and my friends...they never will. Find out why in this exciting show. Invite your atheist friends to listen..together we can "Snap" them out of the madness which is....aThEiSm.
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Our special guest former non believer with his awesome life story of pain suffering trials and triumph in Jesus Christ.

Do you sing or play a musical instrument? This is an OPEN MIC show everybody can call in and sing or play a musical instrument. This will be a fun and entertaining show and we will also talk about many topics and you can also... more

In this informative show we'll show you how to fix problems on your pc. Download this show free in mp3 as the information you get here will save you money and relieve stress

Tune into this very informative conversation. Some say Evolution is evil. I tend to believe they are right. Live debate in the chat room. If you believe evolution is true bring your proof and debate LIVE online in our chat room on this date and time.

Hitting on the tough issues and proving evolution is a lie. Even the most deceived believer of Evolution will admit it's a lie after hearing these truths. Shocking truth that shakes your world and changes it dramatically.

Everything you wanted to know about Wicca/Witchcraft and Paganism but were afraid to ask. This show had over 200 people in chat and also record breaking calls. The most shocking radio show you will ever hear here on BlogtalkRadio

Nephilimfree and Shock debate Atheists and win Go to and also go to

GO to WWW.SHOCKFOREVER.COM for some shocking motorcycle videos. In this segment of our show we talk about some videos I have captured on my helmet cam video system while riding

Everything about wicca and paganism you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Thanks for visiting us at WWW.SHOCKFOREVER.COM

We invite everybody to call in and chat about this very important topic.