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*** EASTER SPECIAL *** The proof and evidence for Jesus Christ is overwhelming. This is why I left the humanist religion of atheism for a true relationship with God. But regarding atheism?? Where is the proof and evidence... more

Wow! World Famous Ray Comfort joins us! Did you know there is no scientific evidence that supports evolution? Did you know that Science proves there is a God? Shocking Radio show proves it all live on the air, we also invite atheists to... more

Ray Comfort joined us! Listen to us chat with Ray Comfort about his best selling book "You can lead an atheist to evidence but you can't make him think" with my Co-host and special guests: more

This is just a sneak preview of our upcoming show with the World Famous Ray Comfort. Tune in Sunday for the show but here is a small sample of how awesome the show is going to be!

Join us for this important show. Contact your pro-life friends and let them know about it. Let's all support each other in the good cause of Life. Please visit WWW.TOTALPROLIFE.COM

In this show we prove that Evolution is in error. We will point out the errors. Recent polls show evolution losing ground due to DNA and the electron microscope and new scientific discoveries proving God. In fact now only 4 in 10... more

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This is an open phone line radio show. We will be discussing the topic of homosexuality. What does the bible say about it? Is it a choice? Is it sin? Is it a choice or are humans born as homosexuals? Call in and make your voice... more

Science catches up to the bible and these new discoveries prove the Bible is 100% accurate. WWW.SHOCKAWENOW.NET WWW.SHOCKFOREVER.COM

Dmann and Shock talk about the latest News Events from a Christian perspective.