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Black Genetic Survival Is a Dark Woman's Burden Or Is It?

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Greetings 9Mind Sacred Sisters. Peace, protection, prosperity and most of all wisdom be upon we all and those we love. Want to ask if Dark skin Black (blue) women who are the most socially ostracized and devalued by their own males responsible for making the survival of (their) species their sole concern and burden with or without the help of dark skin Black men? Many of my earlier shows where about Black genetic survival and with all the calamities occurring simultaneously in large populated Black urban neighborhoods this question of our racial genetic survival must once again be asked and discussed. Many know that I have long advocated for dark skin original women here in the US to be labeled and viewed as a endangered species and placed on the protected endangered species list. BW who like to talk just about everything go silent or indifferent when I make these claims while others feel this is a one BW only concern. That is until a Hurricane Katrina or Harvey comes along and then all of a sudden Black fragility and mortality is now a (real) concern, Why we must wait until a tragedy or castoprophy to occur before BM & BW sit and have serious dialogue on our racial and genetic survival is very disturbing to me. We take it for granted that our existance in ever decreasing percentages is not a reality because we tend to include other BROWN Ethnic Groups as being us when they genetically are not. This carefree I dont have to worry attitude of the Black Americans is troubling to me. Especially Black American women. Would like to read a an extremely revealing comment I left on a YT video on Colorism and whether or not dark skin BW have an ally in Light skin men when it has been shown that we certainly dont have dark skin BM as allies. BW can no longer afford to not have these discussions but we need corrective action plans That can only be carried out as a female collective and not as individuals but we are so very divided