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Culture, The Glue That Empowers Any People

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Shalom everyone i'm back and I would like to stay on the subject matter of Black inappropiate behavior. I want to go throough Dr. Andersons speech played on my last show and just point out some habits that Negro's aka Blacks adopted that worked entirely against their own unity, self determination and racial empowerment. However I will start the show off playing another Anderson lecture that many of us have never heard. Like Anderson says you should never follow are adopt a traditon or lifestyle unless you know how it got started and who started it. This inability of we to research the origins of things, words, people and places is our biggest CRIME, not fault. Our inability to extract the lies of HIS story which is how we get OUR true story and how the examning of (both) stories gets us to the TRUTH. I have noticed that Blacks for the most part like to read religious books but they don't establish THE CULTURE that goes along with what they read and yet somehow believe that one without the other leads to racial empowerment when actually it leads to racial STAGNATION. Join me as I dissect the generational inappropiate behavior that we called African Americans have been DECEIVED into accepting as appropiate behavior which has not allowed we to move forward competivily and racially like other racial groups but have obviously caused we to be working backwards against our own empowerment. Ineffective Black leadership along with a higher indoctrination having been misnomered higher education have literally lulled our people into a attitude that they are progessing when in actuality the opposite is taking place. This constant use of deceptive terms and words by the dominate society and those they employ is why we the Beautiful melanted peoples of the earth continue our fight against Powers and Principalities and Spirtual wickedness in HIGH PLACES.