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In·ap·pro·pri·ate Behavior Under The Flag of American Tyranny

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Shalom everyone. Had to take me a well deserved vacation but I'm back now and in light of the numerous killings of Black youths this year alone, I want to address the generational cycle of Black (inappropiate behavior) when acts of violence and terrorism are carried out by the dominate races. Because they have made themselves Law and Enforcer and made it very clear to we and especially Black African American men that from the time they showed up that he/we would be their permanent enemies. Sometimes even I'm at a lost for words to describe why we refuse to see our relatiobship with those called white for what it truly is. We consistantly under react when murders against our people occurr and our counter strategies and responses to unquestionable economic injustices, torture, imprisonment ect.. is always met with what Dr. Claude Anderson defines as inappropiate behavior. So many of we have served in the US military and fought in American wars, we died for this countries false presentation of freedom and equality and yet when it is time for we to fight our own WAR of racially integrity and equality right here in America we yell, we riot, we march and light candles but after a few days we swallow our grief and our anger as if it was a Xtra large 7 Eleven slurpee and we go right back to the NORMAL life of being the despised and the oppressed. smdh I just don't get it. Some have described this condition as Stockholm Syndrome which to me is to soft and nice sounding for what is really WRONG with us. Join me as I play clips of some of the most aggregioous and heinous murders and deaths of young Black Americans that to date their deaths like, E Till go with no hint of Justice in sight because we fail to offer the appropiate responses in the face of the inappropiate conduct of others.