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Getting My Praise and Thankfulness On

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Shalom everyone, this quick show is just me taking 4 + 5 = NINE mins to get my THANKS and PRAISE on to my ANCESTORS and to THE MOST HIGH CREATOR of ALL. Some ONE has show been looking out for this lil Black orphan girl, and I never take it for granted how blessed and LOVED I AM. Every TEST given to me, I must have passed them because that is all this life in the FLESH is about. Learning YOURSELF and becoming ONE with The Most High. Notice that the word DEVIL is simply another word, LIVED spelled in (reverse). Which lets us know that to live BACKWARDS ie... against Nature or that which is Natural, which is the same as the word reverse is to be a DEVIL. We become our own devil. Our devil lives to please only that which is carnal/materilistic and not that which is spiritual and the holy scriptures given to we to connect we back to the source of ONENESS tells we in, Yochanan 4:23-24 23 But a sha’ah is coming, and now is, when those of the true avodas kodesh will worship HaAv in the Ruach Hakodesh and in Emes, for indeed [Elohim] HaAv is seeking such to worship Him. 24 Hashem is Ruach (Spirit) and it is necessary for the ones worshiping Him to worship in Ruach and Emes. www.biblegateway.com