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Black Men Have Become Indifferent Good Ass Liars!

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Alright everyone we got through our recap show and there was some other things I wanted to point out but I was running out of time. I also did not get the oppurtunity to play the clip of a caller that says his name is Mr. Solution, and he actually was one of my favorite calls so I might play his clip and touch on a few things he said just because I'm up, and I just feel like continueing the discussion. Now that it has been clearly stated by a bm that all the (so called) good bm are not invisible but rather they have all voluntarily left the major Black communities, thus taking the positive examples and role models of strong masculine LEADERSHIP with them. My show accomplished showing us that the problem is BM and not BW. Women left behind to raise kids in isolation without the aid of men concerned enough for the generations coming behind them to stay. Now that this fact is officially on the record we may need to have a serious dialogue on just what a good bm is? What they calling "good" seems to be based soley off pedigree, income and ones ability to pay for higher education. Most Black women dont define good BM based off these superficial elitest categories of classism. Which explains the ones on social media complaining that we like bad boys, basic educated thug types. To us they are good too. They simply could not afford to pay to go thru a higher INDOCTRINATION fication program which upon completion renders BM now liscened w/degrees incapable of relating to those who have not undergone this more expensive form of male emasculinazation and seasoning. All they did was went from a basic street ie... field nigga, simply to (MORE) of uh house nigge*. Watch the movie Trick Baby if you still don't get it.