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Why The Lives Of Black Men Mean Nothing To Those Who Kill Them

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We all have seen videos of police brutality. But none is more prevalent than the video footage of officers killing Black males/men. What I've found to be just as shocking is the reaction of the bystanders and those casually recording saying things like, "All he did was break up a fight, he bleeding, they doing the brother wrong." And all sorts of sideline comments of that nature.

Now what they aren't doing is confronting the officers and questioning (them) on the Gestapo tactics of their conduct, or stepping in to make a citizens arrest on civil servants they see breaking the law claiming they are enforcing it.

Since when is murder a crime for every other citizen but not Law Enforcement themselves? Not only do those who (record) not intervene, they dont even bother to get on their cell phones and dial 911 to make a formal complaint against the officers they clearly see are going way to far. Now that to me is most disturbing. 
The lack of appropiate action on the part of AMERICAN CITIZEN
S when we see those we PAY to enforce our laws breaking the law themselves. A man begging for his life or telling them with what little life he has left that he cant breath, over and over again and yet a gang of them in true Nazi fashion takes his life anyway.

Right in front of witnessess. 

OMG!!! We are literally doing the remix of Jim Crow. I give my 9MIND perspective on why I think Black Americans are repeating the history of our Ancestors and why it is that Black men of all men or seen as Souless and Godless in the eyes of men of EurAsian white ancestry.