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Kathy McMahon: Sage Advice & Therapy for Peak Oil Blues

  • Broadcast in Psychology
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A lot of people think you're weird or radical if you look at the world of climate events and economic shock around us and see imminent collapse.

Others think you're a negative buzz-kill, in need of some positive thinking, but not on their time.

Enter the Peak Oil Shrink. Kathy McMahon, a clinical psychologist, says that dealing with the anxiety that our civilization has hit a wall and will not recover, is is an essential experience to have. Bearing isolation and rejection from loved ones and family members over those anxieties can be depressing, but does not mean you're mentally ill.

She's not only been through those changes herself, she's turned her practice largely over to coaching and providing therapy for people who are experiencing the triple whammy of anxiety, panic, and rejection because of their view of the furure.

She's recently completed an e-book, “I Can’t Believe You Actually Think That!” - A Couple’s Guide to Finding Common Ground about Peak Oil, Climate Catastrophe, and Economic Hard Times.

She has also set up a web site, peakoilblues.org, which offers ideas and coaching around those issues and how to prepare emotionally for sudden shifts or even complete collapse.

In this 30-min. interview with co-host Daniel Kerbein, McMahon gives some basic advice fon preparing for the future:

Have enjoyable get-togethers with the neighbors, build trust & problem solve with them. Do the same with immediate family. Become "patch o' ground" people, going "radically local" and paying very close attention to the world within a 10-mile radius of our homes, which would be our whole world in a collapse of the global economy.

Kathy McMahon's words of solace and points to ponder, were first aired on KBBF-FM 89.1 Calistoga. KBBF bilingual public radio wlcomes your support. www.kbbf-fm.org