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Shift to Meaning

Shift to Meaning~Everyday Wisdom with Max Wellspring


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Shift to Meaning ~ Everyday Wisdom is an invitation to a highly inter-active discussion focusing on how to balance the demands of your everyday life with a spiritual perspective. In other words, this program will provide practical common sense inspiration for blending a desire to be conscious while living the realities of your life. The truth is that so many of us are attracted to spiritual principles such as peace, gratitude, service, forgiveness, generosity, compassion, being deliberately creative, allowing in your good and trusting that the Universe has your back, but when it comes to weaving these ideas into our daily lives, being spiritual and practical can seem challenging if not down right daunting. This program is designed to be an answer to that challenge. It is designed to provide insights, ah-ah moments, and even healing. The intention is that you will experience guidance to move beyond any embarrassment, shame or confusion about what it means to be spiritual in the real world so that you truly walk the talk of being a spiritual being having a human experience. Honestly, this is the call for our times…the time is now to embody all that is meant by being spiritual AND to be fully present in the world and in your life. This program is facilitated by Max Wellspring, an intuitive soul purpose guide, whose passion is to provide transformational support for living a rich, delight-filled, and meaningful life. Her interest in "transformation" is distinguished from just making "changes" in your life. If you make a change, you can change back, but with the kind of transformation Max stands for, you are not the same person you were and there is a permanent metamorphosis. The good news is that there is nothing “to learn” actually. It is a process of self realization. You have everything you need within you right now.

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