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We ARE ENERGY! VIBRATION ~OR ~FREQUENCY.. as our world continues to EVOLVE.. SO DO WE... are you wondering what's next.. How do I create the Change in my Life necessary to move forward? Our dream is to open the doors to what you're searching for!.. IF YA DON'T GROW... YOU GO!!

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We ARE ENERGY... WE ARE ONE ...connected at the Soul.. Let's talk about the basics.. ENERGY , WATER..OUR EARTH ..THE UNIVERSE.. OUR GALACITIC FAMILY.. AND LOVE. WE CAN HEAL OUR OWN SELVES..WE HAVE THAT POWER!! GRACIE DEBROCK...a fellow light worker.. Catalyst for change..Friend and what I would consider a prime example for change... will share her healing method.. Join us!! Remember all shows are archived..listen as you wish!!
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She's a force to be reconed with..well maybe not .. but she has and IS a wealth of Knowledge.. For 13 Years Karne S. Wagner has studied.. educated.. shared her knowledge of Essential

Ahhhh so folks..theres so much happening behind the sceens..Its time to take the earplug out and open your eyes.. join me today and lets have soem fun . !

Ahhhh so folks ... theres so much happening behind the sceens... Its time to take the earplug out and open your eyes... !! There will be significant change and infomation coiming our way over the next months and years ... for those of you... more

join me to hear what OzzyThe Healer. Has to sayin this NEW WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS. I met Ozzy via another trusted light being ( Gracie DeBrock) Ilook forward to what comes thru when we connect energetically... Ozzy is an... more

wow.. Yesterday's show went so fast .. I did not have the opportunity to invite callers... is what we ALL. Create from... And. In a world where we have been told our truth for the most part... Many of. Us live other people's... more

join me while we discuss a little. About perception.. Where are we .. You all of us... Where are we headed.. The phone lines will be open... To share thoughts.. For the 30 minute Siftduring you day.. I will talk about the next planned road... more

Kathleen Marden is a prominent UFO abduction researcher, author and lecturer with 23 years experience in the field. She is MUFON's Director of Abduction Research and an advocate for Starborn Support.

The Witches Brew... the place to be.. nights weekends.. for Books, Brunch..well a Mufin or a bite to eat.. not to mention a Drun Circle.. a variety of music... and an Ice cream or two..A Gathering Place for friends and Family !

Nancy Finck, wellness coach and teacher.. will talk about Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements .. an essential aspect for well being..

The Shift Happens Radio Show welcomes Rev. Jeremy McDonald to the mini show today... we will talk a little bit about "That Feeling" so many folks are mentioning there something BIG coming... so tell us what you think!..... more
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