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We ARE ENERGY! VIBRATION ~OR ~FREQUENCY.. as our world continues to EVOLVE.. SO DO WE... are you wondering what's next.. How do I create the Change in my Life necessary to move forward? Our dream is to open the doors to what you're searching for!.. IF YA DON'T GROW... YOU GO!!

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Today my guest is Robin Rice.. I would call her a Cosmic Shaman.. Having experienced her incredible "knowing" ... I felt it would be fun to introduce. You to this amazing woman.. as explained on her website.. Here's a brief description by Robin of her. Gifts from the Universe.. i was raised to wear shoes ALWAYS... After spending a weekend learning more about me.. I rarely am able to slide. A flip flop on... Can't explain it more than a wonderful may want to join.. "I'm a dreamer. Yes, the visionary kind, but also the nighttime kind. For many years, I have been taught through what I have come to call my ?dream teachers.? I have no idea who they are, where they come from, or why they started coming to me. I have a sense they may be two masters from the orient I've run into elsewhere, but I really can't be certain. All I know is that each time they visit, my life takes a leap.
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Tonight is Access Night Miracle night ... My co hosts.. Gosia Lorenz , Jola S, and special guest Sean Gorgone..we talk about all of it ... Te miracles... The basics... The clearing statements and more!!! If you want to know or already know about... more

Dayna Houck Weissfeld Healer, Hypnotherapist/Regressionist, member of the IHF at THE CONSCIOUS CONNECTION and to complete the trio tonight. Tracy Woolrich Case Manager at Northside HospitalStudied Nursing RN .. who lives... more

Shana Spaulding and I decided to keep out Psychic connection going and thus will join us every month to offer readings and Spiritual advice.. Shana a Psychic a Medium.. for many years will answer your questions... the phone lines will be... more

Teresa Bentley joins me on the show tonight.. The energy I felt from her.. when I first met her.. and just speaking with her on the phone... felt like an INSTANT HOTFLASH came over me.. I hope you all are ready for an amazing show..... more

Reki and Hypnotherapy is the name of the Game tonight ...!! Lady Cas Lady Cas. Reiki Master, Author of The Universal Connection, Opening Your Heart and Soul

Mondays are now Miracle Mondays where we feature all ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS... stories clearing statements.. interesting points of view the whole NINE yards.... lets have some fun. HDIGABTT??

We are at the Psychic Fair in Sarasota... Come on down ... To the. Municiple. Building 801 n tamiami Trail.. 10:30-7:00...

Jaishree Jeffrey joins me Friday night with info That you can bank on to keep your home clean... WITHOUT HARMING ANYONE..THAT'S RIGHT YOUR FAMILY.. YOUR PETS ... AND YOUR PRODUCTS..hahhaa Jaishree created Clean... more

Thursday Night... First Half we will talk about the Mystic Fair coming this Saturday in Sarasota...Candy willtell us about it all ... if you are looking for a fun day ... listen in and then come join us!

Tom W. Founder and case manager of Skyway Paranormal joins me via Skype.. To talk about it ALL..yes. Every bit of it the ins and outs of.. Hunting.. Hearing seeing ..Mmmm and feeling.. So If you have had an experience and wish to... more
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