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This is the pet show inspired by an adorable Tortie cat named Missy. Join hosts J and D as we explore various fun and informative topics that affect the special animal in your life. The Missy Show airs Saturdays at 5pm Central on BlogTalkRadio.

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Are you a natural animal lover and enjoy spending all your time with them? Have you ever had the thought that you'd enjoy a career helping animals? Well in this episode of The Missy Show, we explore the various career choices that involve... more

Cock fighting is nothing new. Its history spans back to centuries ago. Modern cock-fighting in its earliest form was first discovered in the Philippines in the early 1500's, and has since been practiced by people in numerous countries; but what... more

Want a pet, but not all the responsibility? Why not start an aquarium? Fish are easy pets, right? Maybe--maybe not. What are the best types of fish to include? How often must they be fed? What's the best way to keep the water... more

It's that time again--time for the end of our 2016 October Pet Spooktacular episodes. But don't fret. We intend to go out with a bang! In this episode, we'll be coming back to the topic of crop circles that we didn't get to discuss in our... more

In this final episode of October Pet Spooktacular, any scary topic goes. Ghosts, monsters, aliens, cryptids. You name it, we can go there. Plus we'll be discussing the phenomenon known as The Mandela Effect. Have you ever sworn that... more

Everybody loves a good story, right? More than that, everybody loves a good, creepy story. What can be even more disturbing is when you have no idea whether the story is true or made up. In this episode of The Missy Show, we'll be... more

It's finally here! Fall! And because we here at The Missy Show love Fall so much, we decided to dedicated an entire episode to all things Fall. Sweaters, boots, pumpkin flavored everything, falling leaves, shopping, warm, comfort food--it's all... more

Welcome to the kick off of our first October Pet Spooktacular episode of 2016! In this episode, we'll attempt to get to the bottom of the mysterious phenomenons of Crop Circles and Animal Mutilations. Are crop circles simply the creation of... more

Unfortunately, the risk of genetic abnormalities are a real possibility some for human infants. But did you know that some of the same chromosomal and genetic mutations can also occur in the animal kingdom? In some cases, Mother Nature... more

Like animal news? What kind of animals do you want to know more about? Dogs? Cats? Tigers? Koalas? Or maybe all of the above? In this episode of The Missy Show, we delve into what's happening in the animal world--from all around the... more