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The Missy Show

The Missy Show


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This is the pet show inspired by an adorable Tortie cat named Missy. Join hosts J and D as we explore various fun and informative topics that affect the special animal in your life. The Missy Show airs Saturdays at 5pm Central on BlogTalkRadio.

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Fostering is a wonderful way of providing love and warmth to a deserving animal, until a permanent home can be found for it. But do you know what all is involved with fostering? You might be surprised to learn that it isn't a decision to be taken lightly. Will you be prepared to give the animal up when the appropriate time arises? If you've never owned a pet before, are you prepared to adjust to the changes in your home environment? And if you do already own a pet, will having the foster animal cause issues? Join us as we discuss these scenarios and more on The Missy Show.
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Ivory. What's the human fascination with ivory? Is it worth the lives of the animals affected, just for the sake of having jewelry, piano keys, or religious figurines? The African elephant has been nearly driven to extinction due to the greed and blood... more

We think it's about time for another uplifting, happy, upbeat episode? Don't you? We've tackled some important and serious topics the last couple of weeks, and we've got another one coming up. So what could be a better way to... more

On past episodes, we've discussed the importance of spaying and neutering your pets; but despite the many platforms discussing this importance, the pet population continues to grow. With this population growth, comes the... more

It's Summertime, and we're in full swing with various insects crawling and buzzing about. As humans, we know about the annoyances of pesky mosquitoes, and to be aware of the dangers of wasps, bees, and poisonous spiders. But what... more

It's been a fun and exciting journey from the moment we aired our first episode of The Missy Show in March of 2014; and now, we finally get to say we've reached a major milestone--we've done 100 episodes! Hosts J and D definitely think that's... more

As a pet parent to animals of the "more furry persuasion", it can be a challenge to keep your home from becoming a " national shrine to hair". Even with our best efforts, fur still seems to mount up all over the place--on furniture, in carpets,... more

Hey guys! This is our second Christmas in July pop up episode. I'm your host J, and I'll be doing this one alone to explain why we won't be doing our scheduled episode for today. Don't worry, it has already been rescheduled. So tune in to... more

Happy Thursday night. Join hosts J and D, as they host the first of their pop-up episodes. It may be five minutes. It might be more. You may hear a bit of rambling about nothing in particular; but either way, it'll be light hearted. It'll be... more

Like horses? They are kind of cool, aren't they? In this episode of The Missy Show, we dedicate our entire thirty minutes to the topic of these beautiful animals. What's it like to have one as a pet? How much care and upkeep go into... more

Finding an alligator in our back yard isn't a big worry for most of us; but for some families in certain areas of the country, this is a very real reality. For many Florida and Louisiana residents, finding these scary reptiles roaming around on their... more