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Bible Prophecy, Bible Codes, and Current Events...did our ancient Biblical Patriarchs warn us of coming UFO and Alien invasions to earth? Martial Law? The New World Order? And why is America, the most dominant nation mentioned on the earth in the last days in the Bible, not being mentioned in the churches today? On this radio show I deal with the New Age Reptilian agenda aka the NWO taking over the earth and how it relates to Bible Prophecy, the Bible Codes, and YOU. I talk about what so few people can or our government, churches, media, and entertainment have been taken over by a Secret Alien Agenda. Exactly who are the Illuminati? I'll tell you why you shouldn't be afraid of them but repulsed by them! Come on folks, there's not much time left, wake up!

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God' Mouthpiece on Earth...listen to what Sherry has to say or reveal about current events, Bible Prophecy, events coming up or whatever the Most High has her talk about.
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Planet X can be seen in the East/SouthEast is that why they chemtrail that area so much before sunrise?? And it's not what we've been told it is or what you's actually in the shape of a tombston according to... more

Monday Night with Sherry Shriner - ET Disclosure? UN announcing a "space officer?" - The ET's are being destroyed and they are mad as heck! "Carbon" is just a buzz word for ORGONE folks! Are they planning a V-DAY to arrive... more

Thursdays with Sherry Shriner - Prepare for the coming Economic Crash, martial law roundups, false flag vaccine attacks on the public...say NO to vaccines and flu shots folks!

Monday Night with Sherry Shriner...Nibiru is going to CRASH...Nibiru and Wormwood are associated together...the Shema Star is going to CRASH...these things are coming folks! The Giants Are Coming as well...arm yourselves with... more

They're surrounding the Midwest region with as they turn yellow because they are on fire from all the ORGONE in this region folks! They're falling out of the skies everywhere because of the ORGONE!!... more

Monday night with Sherry Shriner...the Earth has been knocked out alignment! That's why the elite is scrambling to get underground and pushing solar energy for those who will be stuck on the surface, we're moving towards the SUN folks! It's... more

Thursday with Sherry Shriner

Monday night with Sherry Shriner...Obama the Islam's not conspiracy it's FACT folks! His destiny is to Destroy America and conquer the Earth for Islam! Wake up!! These ARE the last days, get back to HIM folks!

Thursday with Sherry Shriner - We need your support folks to go to war against the coming outbreaks of werewolves, zombies, and vampires! Stay away from the flu shots and cough vaccine folks! Stay away from all shots and vaccines!

Is the "negative" factor in blood the serpent seedline bloodline? The Blood of Yahushua can cleanse us regardless if you are from a negative bloodline! Wake up folks and use His REAL name, it's not "Jesus" it's YAHUSHUA and it's... more
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