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Bible Prophecy, Bible Codes, and Current Events...did our ancient Biblical Patriarchs warn us of coming UFO and Alien invasions to earth? Martial Law? The New World Order? And why is America, the most dominant nation mentioned on the earth in the last days in the Bible, not being mentioned in the churches today? On this radio show I deal with the New Age Reptilian agenda aka the NWO taking over the earth and how it relates to Bible Prophecy, the Bible Codes, and YOU. I talk about what so few people can or our government, churches, media, and entertainment have been taken over by a Secret Alien Agenda. Exactly who are the Illuminati? I'll tell you why you shouldn't be afraid of them but repulsed by them! Come on folks, there's not much time left, wake up!

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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner - God's mouthpeice on earth...listen as Sherry reveals what the Father has her to say whether it's about Bible Prophecy, Bible Codes, the New World Order Antichrist system, the Alien New Age agenda, UFOs, Aliens, Antichrist, upcoming don't want to miss it!,
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Monday night with Sherry Shriner...Obama the Islam's not conspiracy it's FACT folks! His destiny is to Destroy America and conquer the Earth for Islam! Wake up!! These ARE the last days, get back to HIM folks!

Thursday with Sherry Shriner - We need your support folks to go to war against the coming outbreaks of werewolves, zombies, and vampires! Stay away from the flu shots and cough vaccine folks! Stay away from all shots and vaccines!

Is the "negative" factor in blood the serpent seedline bloodline? The Blood of Yahushua can cleanse us regardless if you are from a negative bloodline! Wake up folks and use His REAL name, it's not "Jesus" it's YAHUSHUA and it's... more

Is Cannibalism on the rise? Will they use it to help stop world hunger? It's repulsive AND a complete ABOMINATION according to the Bible folks! Stay away from eating flesh, drinking/eating blood and RFID chips!

Mind altering drugs and vaccinations turning people into zombies...tweaking our human DNA to undo what the Lord did at the Garden of Eden.

Live with Sherry Shriner...aliens, ufos, the Antichrist, the New World Order, Bible Codes, Current Events, Bible Prophecy, you never know what I'll talk about until the show starts! I speak as I'm led by the Most High. What He wants me to... more

Aliens in the News! You Don't want to miss it! Bible Prophecy WILL be FULFILLED...and is being already! Prepare folks!

Satan's various ways and plans of attacking and killing mankind. We can fight back folks! If we don't we're just sitting cattle to him! These ARE the last days, get back to HIM folks!

Aliens in the News! Lilith is the real and Literal "Queen of Heaven" that others try to imitate... who is she? What does she do? Was the V Series portraying Lilith? Isaiah refers to Lilith as the screeching owl...and guess who they worship at the... more

CoreExit is an INTENTIONAL BIO ATTACK against the residents of the gulf states and everyone else the jet stream will affect!! THEY WANT YOU DEAD FOLKS! Shema 2? Are they transforming the International Space Station into a... more
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